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Keeping Communication Open in Your Marriage

Updated on July 31, 2011

As with any relationship, a marriage takes work! WIth this in mind, we look at ways couples can keep communication open in a marriage!

With your vowes, you begin a journey!  Communication is necessary to be successful!
With your vowes, you begin a journey! Communication is necessary to be successful!

5 Simple Ways You Can Keep the Lines of Communication Open

  1. Choose your date carefully! As we mature in our marriage, we often loose a regular date night. Continuing to have quality time together is important, which means planning out productive dates. Although a movie may be enjoyable, it doesn't allow for discussions. Be sure to balance activities that allow your communication to grow.
  2. Sit down to dinner together. Studies have proven that a sit down dinner has huge benefits for children, so is it really so hard to believe it could be good for your marriage? Turn off the TV and listen to each other.
  3. Don't just discuss the hard topics. When you began dating your spouse, it's very likely that you were able to discuss light-hearted topics. Return to that careless communication. This will help you become more comfortable talking to one another.
  4. Write it down! If you're uncomfortable discussing a particular topic, remember that communication comes in many forms. Take the time to write your partner a short note, an in-depth love letter, or send a quick text message.
  5. End the day together. Before you head to bed, take at least ten minutes to talk! This is especially helpful, and sometimes difficult, when you are experiencing a lull in communication. As you get in the habit of spending this time together, you will find it will pass more quickly and that you are having discussions that last beyond the ten short minutes.

What to Talk About

As you work to reopen the lines of communication, focus on the simple things in life. By asking your spouse about their day, you're showing them that you care about what they're doing and how they're coping with their circumstances! Find an interesting news story and voice your opinion. This gives you a chance to get passionate without it being directed at a spouse. Another great topic, what to do on your next date night! A wonderful opportunity to work together and find something you both would enjoy doing. Although you may have been in a relationship with someone for years, remember that our personalities and interests change with time. You're never too close to someone to listen!


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