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LGBT People Of History Part Thirty Laurence Michael Dillon

Updated on April 3, 2012
Laurence Michael Dillon
Laurence Michael Dillon | Source

Laurence Michael Dillon

Laurence Michael Dillon was born Laura Maud Dillon on May 1st 1915 into an aristocratic family. Laurence’s brother was Sir Robert Dillon the Eighth Baronet of Lismullen in Ireland. Sadly Laurence’s mother died ten days after his birth. Laura (Laurence) was raised with her brother by their two aunts in Folkestone, Kent in England.

Laurence had always been more comfortable wearing men’s clothing and in 1939 sought treatment from Doctor George Foss who provided her with testosterone pills, though insisting that Laurence received psychiatric help first. Foss was not to be trusted and gossiped about Laurence’s desire to become a man causing everyone in town to know what Laurence was doing.

Laurence fled to Bristol where he found work in a garage. Thankfully the testosterone pills had worked so well that Laurence could easily pass for a man. He worked really hard and was promoted to ‘tow truck driver’ and then promoted further to a ‘Fire Watcher’ during the Second World War.

Laurence had long suffered with hypoglycaemia. Whilst in hospital after a recent attack, Laurence met a plastic surgeon who performed a double mastectomy and then provided him with a doctor’s note that helped him to change his birth certificate from Laura Maud Dillon to Laurence Michael Dillon.

The surgeon also put Laurence in touch with another plastic surgeon known as Harold Gilles who performed a minimum of at least thirteen surgeries on Laurence between the years of 1946 and 1949, making Laurence was the first female to male transsexual to undergo phalloplasty.

In 1949 Laurence published a book “Self: A Study in Endocrinology and Ethics” now known as Transsexuality.

In 1958 the book, Debrett's Peerage, a genealogical guide, listed Laurence as heir to his brother's baronetcy, though its competitor book, Burke’s Peerage mentioned only a sister, Laura Maude. After this discrepancy was noticed, Laurence had to tell the press he was a male born with a severe form of hypospadias and had undergone a series of operations to correct the condition.

Laurence fled to India living amongst the Buddhist community in Sarnath. He converted to Buddhism soon after, though sadly in 1962 Laurence died. He was only 47yrs old.

Callum & Ian.

With Thanks to Wikipedia.

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    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Hi Josak thank you so much, don't worry there is lots more to come and we are so glad that you are enjoying the series.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      Just wanted to let you guys know I am enjoying the series and say keep it up!

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      I agree Ian.

      We are really doing well with these hubs, wait until they see what is coming next :)


    • alian346 profile image

      alian346 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      We have profiled some incredibly courageous people recently, Callum.