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Learn to Accept Other People

Updated on September 8, 2013

Learn to Accept Other People

In a crazy, hostile, and judgmental world, it can be extremely difficult to learn how to accept others for the individual and different lifestyles that they lead. It is easy for people to disagree with others, putting their nose in places where it doesn't belong, giving unwarranted advice, and trying hard to change someone else's mind and ways of living. Trying to change people only pushes them away, making them resentful, hurt, and angry. As people, we should all learn and search within ourselves to find a way to accept others for their differences and unique personalities and lifestyles. We must eventually come to a realization that everyone is unique, everyone leads different lives, everyone chooses their own career and life path, and everyone chooses the people they desire to keep and love in their lives. The way we each choose to live is an extremely personal decision, and pressure to conform, societal expectations, and judgment is what makes us hate one another. Everyone is different, and not everyone thinks, speaks, acts and loves in the same way, so it is better to accept each other instead of judging and hating one another. Learn to accept others for who and what they are and not for what they are expected to be or become.

Learn to Accept Others Personality

Some people are loud, while others are quiet. Some people are extroverted, while others prefer to be introverted. Some people like to go out, while others like to stay in. Some people are crazy, while others prefer to stick within the boundaries of the norm. Some people like to party, while others prefer not to. We are all different, and we are most likely to surround ourselves with people that have a similar personality as ourselves, but sometimes we are forced to be surrounded by others who are our polar opposites and we must socialize and get along with these people. At some point in all of our lives we are forced to be in the same room with people that do not respect or share our personality. This could be in a family gathering, a party, a work environment, etc. The best way to accept others personalities it to be polite, respectful, and to keep some thoughts to oneself. Once one has come to the realization that no one is alike and that everyone acts, behaves, and socializes differently, it becomes much easier to learn how to accept others.


Learn to Accept Others Lifestyle

Some people like to attend church and surround themselves with faith, while others prefer to walk their own path without God by their side. Some people desire to be family orientated, while others choose to be career orientated. Everyone leads a different lifestyle, because ones lifestyle reflects their personality, emotions, struggles, morals, values, traditions, and beliefs. All people should be accepted for their differences in lifestyles, because every person has different beliefs, no one person is identical to the other, and no one person solely believes in the exact same thing as others, these differences is what make people so unique and special.


Learn to Accept Others Love

People have a different definition of love. Love is a strong emotion and connection with another individual. Some people love others of the same sex, some people love others of the opposite sex, some love people of all sexes, and some people do not love anyone. Love comes in many forms, and as long as the people who are loving and loved are happy, they should not be judged and hated, but they should be accepted.

If Acceptance is Difficult Learn to Respect

When a person has a polar opposite lifestyle than one believes they should lead, it can be extremely difficult to accept them for who they are and the lifestyle they choose to live, but when acceptance is difficult one should learn to respect others and move on. Respect is about keeping the thoughts about others to oneself, turning away to allow them to carry on, and moving on with ones life and own morals and traditions. Respect is about not making others feel bad about the life they lead and it is about not bringing negativity into others lives for unnecessary reasons.

© 2013 Jami Johnson


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      Neil Sperling 2 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Great stuff - High Five - heart