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Learning how to live with your new spouse

Updated on January 21, 2016

For better or for worse?

So you've done it! You've taken the plunge into a marriage. I am certain you had every single detail of your wedding planned out. I mean, after all, you've been planning it since you were 5. But what happens when every detail of the wedding became perfect, but you move in and learn quickly, your spouse is not? It's the little things. Like why can't he replace the flippin' toilet paper on the roller? Is it really that strenuous? Or, why in tarnation must he feel the need to conserve water after he has released Dr. Brown from the laboratory? Heaven forbid he break a sweat doing the dishes. Everyone knows that dishes require some sort of birth given talent or doctoral degree. Don't even get me started on the laundry...seriously...I mean, how did you make it this long on your own? How did I not smell you coming in from the parking lot the night we met?

It is examples like these that make you really wonder where in the world you dug this "perfect" guy up. Or maybe you are still blissfully unaware, and if so, don't worry your time will come.

As you continue in your new marriage, you find little ways to learn to cope with the annoying habits he has. Or, you become so accustom to it that you have created a genius way to not even recognize it anymore. If you have got to this level you are considered a "master". But for all the other ones still suffering in the flood plains learning to cope with those frustrating habits, listen up because I am going to give you the best advice you can get...GET USE TO IT! Unfortunately it is the tale of the truth that we just must get use to it. These are forms of routine he has drafted into his life at a young age and can be incredibly hard to break. Not that he won't try to. I mean, after all he does love you. But, the naked truth of the matter is, you just need to grit your teeth and move on. These are habits even his Mama tried to break him of...but don't be fooled to think he is the only one that has these "quirks" about him. Believe me, he's got a list on you just as long. You both are trying to find ways to accept and appreciate all the little dirty things about each other and as you do, never forget why you fell in love with him to begin with. This will be what you have to cling onto during those moments when you head to the bathroom in the morning to leave for work and there he is, naked...doing squats?! I mean...why?! Why are you doing the 6 in the morning?! Oh dear heavens. Just remember, this is your man, own it, love it, and appreciate all of it...or at least learn to because "better or for worse" is what you promised.

© 2016 Shannon Wilks


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