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Learning the Finer Points of Communication

Updated on September 22, 2010
Learn to Communicate Together
Learn to Communicate Together


Some think communication is always only talking. We often fill the needs of others the way we want them filled for us with the thought; all things therefore that you want men to do to you; you must also likewise do to them.


When it comes to learning the finer points of communication we must learn to meet the needs of his or her mate as fully as possible. Communicating is the conveying of information or process of which information is exchanged between individuals. It’s not good enough to think that what you want should be good enough for others rather you should give others what they need. This is very important in communication.


Another fine point of communication is don’t talk when your mate is trying to convey a point to you. You cannot effectively communicate if you are not listening and you cannot be listening if you are talking. Finding a solution is not always the answer to communicating, you have to listen to learn and both have to see through each others eyes. Lack of extensive communication is the villain that devastates many homes. Arguments explode that shake the foundations of homes. Why does this happen; because many don’t learn the finer points of communication. Learn that communication involves more than talking.


Have you ever thought that instead of seeing your partner’s differing views as a source of conflict; find them as a source of knowledge. See disagreements not as a call to arms but as a precious opportunity to gain insight into the one you love. Understanding your mate’s different perspective or communication style may help reduce stress and help in a healthy communicating style. Learning your mate’s ways is a wonderful communicating skill so as to help you not take everything personal and or in a negative light.


The finer points of communication are learning the ways of your mate in order to deal according to knowledge with them. Communicating includes watching, listening, learning, talking and understanding your mate. When you learn all of these points you clearly know the finer points of communication involves much more than just talking. Why not try it in your relationship and see if you not only become a better communicator, but, you will also learn your mate and their feeling and wants a whole lot better.


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