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Briefcase-Leather Briefcase and Totes

Updated on October 19, 2015


Briefcases for the Busy Man

A briefcase to most brings to mind the business attorney or the Wall Street environment. The briefcase is basically a portable office. However, the briefcase for men is no longer walking down such narrow streets, styles have expanded.

For the briefcase the world has grown into a larger place. The briefcase is used by by students, and on the go entrepreneurs. The college campus is a great place to see a variety of brief cases. There are many styles of briefcases for men.

These useful cases are small and large. Business trips require a briefcase to keep paperwork readily accessible but in many walks of life people use brief cases for a variety of things. With so many designers available sometimes it is difficult to make a choice between a briefcase but keeping your needs in mind will help make the choice easier.

  • Korchmar briefcase
  • Jack George briefcase
  • Albert Bellucci briefcase
  • ClaireChase briefcase
  • Affino briefcase
  • Keystone briefcase
  • Eston briefcase
  • A well made lawyers briefcase crafted from gorgeous belted leather a creation of Korchmar.This is extremely tough leather made to hold a lot of paperwork and other incidentals. The briefcase is molded around a steel frame that makes it manageable. The bag has sliding locks and contains a wonderful filing section. This made to work briefcase will hold a laptop and is one of the favorites on the market.
  • A little more casual is the Old English briefcase. This saddle bag styled case contains two buckles and holds and abundance of paperwork. This bag has a shoulder carrier and brass hardware, designed by Jack George great for the really mobile person.
  • If you are constantly on the road the men’s overnight briefcase is best for your needs. This bag has a space for clothes, a laptop, paperwork, and a little holder for necessities. The top is dowel shaped with a carrier strap for easier handling.
  • For a brief case that is a work of art, try the Tony Perotti briefcase, a line of beautiful cases waiting for you to try them. These 17” bags accommodate a laptop, and paperwork the executive double briefcase by Tony Perotti is very resourceful.
  • The Jack Georges Triple Gusset is a lovely briefcase designed in gorgeous red leather with a zip up scratch resistant surface. Sold in Black and Cognac the case locks and has nickel attachments. Double gusset brief cases provide lots of room for organized storage in a briefcase.
  • A fine laptop briefcase carefully designed by a Tuscany designer Albert Bellucci is as artistic as Tuscany enclosed in this beautiful leather bag are five useful compartments for the use of its owner, holding paperwork and any other designated items.
  • The Men’s executive briefcase is a strategically designed case with places to store items you have not thought about. There is storage for your laptop and a dozen other items, this beautiful creation by ClaireChase is a wonder of a briefcase.
  • Affino carries a great design, sleek, useful and exceptionally well designed. Lent leather with beautiful stitching and hardware, zipper and storage space.
  • Chiarugi Men’s gusset is a sturdy leather briefcase made of fine leather with gorgeous hardware. The compartments are more than adequate in a tanned leather tone. This bag is a wonderful carrying case for any person with paperwork to carry. The Mcklein flap over is a square shaped briefcase with storage space it would be difficult to us up. This case has a place for your laptop, front pockets lots of space for pens and papers and a shoulder holder so your hands can be free. This bag is standard and well made.

When you need to carry paperwork it is important to have a briefcase for men, computers, cell phones and other important things needed to get through a business day. These make great gifts for the busy student in your life, artist or on the go business owner. They present great storage containers for your important paper, and are especially attractive in leather.

Briefcases come in rolling, wheeled, some are expandable and others are a collection of portable folders. These portable offices in a bag are the life line of many executives to their clients and offices and are very important to many people. No matter what your business you need to keep paperwork together and a briefcase is an exceptional way to keep your paperwork together, so that you can collect it on a moments notice.


Gorgeous Briefcases are for everyone no matter what your job description. Almost every active person has paperwork they need to carry around from time to time or to know exactly where to find it. A briefcase is a great place to keep it. Today’s new styles are very sleek with new lines and lots of storage. Carry your laptop in style anywhere you go Work at home moms have errands to run with a fantastic briefcase, your shopping list, paperwork and laptop can be within a fingers reach with an efficient and attractive briefcase.


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