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Summer Totes

Updated on July 29, 2015

Laptop Cases for Busy Women

Are you tired of your old laptop case? Need an update, or do you just plain want to get a new one. Well, you are in the best buying market ever for a beautiful new laptop bag in an array of textures and sizes. Purchase a laptop case in leather or a sturdy cloth finish. Laptop bags are stylishly designed and are great assets while traveling; you won’t know it’s a laptop bag.

Amy Butler has a beautiful Harmony designed laptop bag, that is great for carrying anywhere. Try an envelope shaped laptop case for the woman wanting the clutch type.These are very easy to manage and many interchange sleeves, looking great when you have a dinner meeting.

The knomo Stirling laptop bag retails for $150 and is amazingly versatile. This bag has a tracker if bag is lost. Get laptop bags in any style, backpacks and attache cases. You can find a bag to that fits every need. Find these bags decorated in an array of hardware designs with a tremendous array of cases with strapes and hand holders to fit your needs. The variety of laptop cases is vast

Ladies laptop totes are great for the casual look, with this laptop bag carry magazines. The Moonsus laptop bag has pockets and small locks and comes in multiple colors retailing for $299. Now the Ebag is a very everyday type laptop bag priced at $50. This bag has a ton of pockets; also multiple colors. Laptop bags are out there for every budget and lifestyle. Choose your bag and take it with you when having coffee with your friends. A woman in the business world may buy several; the choices are out there.

Beautiful briefcases are a good choice for document transport for on the go people. Keeping important papers organized is necessary for successful meetings. Briefcases are stylish and easy to use with ample storage for papers and pens, some even have clothing space for short trips.

Summer Totes

Searching for the top five totes for the summer months is very difficult this year. The selection of totes is gorgeous. The colors are vibrant and the materials are adaptable so you won’t need an endless amount of new totes handbags. Use these totes for beach items, sewing, carrying books, or to pack a picnic lunch.

Going out on a lovely summer afternoon a chic Coach Motif totes will look lovely. These straw totes handbags with delightful flower appliqué's will be the hit of any outfit you wear. This Coach bag can be dressed up or dressed down, costing around $350 step boldly into summer with this gorgeous totes. Coach has a beautiful selection of totes handbags for the summer season that are very nice so don’t just stop with this one.

Tory Burch has a beautiful selection of tote bags too. One bag in particular is the Reba Ribbon tote ranging around $400. Take this tote casually to the beach or shop a full marathon; it is quite versatile.

Spending the day out on the high seas you will love this beautiful Michael Kars bag.This canvas bag retails around $190, great for expressing casual elegance. Michael Kar designs work great with any outfit.

Next on the list is Lillie Pulitzer with the A Ease straw tote for about$188, as you travel through the summer enjoy this beautiful tote. This lovely bag will draw attention where ever you go, fitting in with any setting and a great place to store your camera.

Kate Spade’s Jitney tote is an especially fun tote to carry. This little bag can go on shopping errands to the beach, carry odd items; in a word this bag is ready for work.

Francesco Biasia’s Freeway Jam totes handags costing in the range of $175 is a dressy looking little tote that goes great with a sundress and sandals.

Summer totes come in many fabrics, the material is best if washable. Totes hangbags that are lined are great for carrying beverages or snack items. Buy travel souvenirs and tuck them right in. Quite a few of the totes handbags are eco-friendly.

Traveling by car, sitting out on the beach or sightseeing on a fun vacation, great totes handbags are a necessity. During summer it is difficult to function without a good totes handbags. There are so many fun things to do and this brings about the need for a place to put all of the extra stuff.


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      mse 7 years ago from texas

      I've just started thinking about needing a tote for the summer with three kids!