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10 Lies That People Tell

Updated on March 28, 2022

Well some people like to differentiate lies into black lies and white lies. The two types of lies are based on the reason you are lying. Black lies are usually lies that would hurt or make other people felt bad while white lies those who wanted to hide the truth by lying so he or she would felt much better. In my opinion, lies are lies, no matter what are the reasons. Well everyone have their own different opinions. Here are some of lies that are commonly told without you even noticed! So how many lies you are familiar with?

1.)I’m going to sleep!

This may be the most common lies of all times, many people lie and split this out unknowingly. This happens especially to kids nowadays at young age when it is time for bed, this will be their reaction. The problem is what exactly are they doing once the lights are off, door is closed and everyone else is asleep? Who knows? Maybe your childhood can enlighten us what's beeh happening once the lights are off.

2.)Okay. Okay. I will stop using the computer.

Do you had any chance that you are getting scolded by parents for using the net too long? This is the only way or lie to delay the punishment yet you can stay on the net for a longer time! So true for most teenagers these days, you just have to keep repeating this sentence and things will magically happened. Parents tend to go away for the short period before coming back for more scolding. However, it does not work every time, excess use of the sentence could result in cable being disconnected! Beware! So who don’t lies?

3.)I will love you forever!

This may not be the lies for some couple which did very well in their marriage. But, hearing this in the start of the relationship is so ridiculous. However, I do know some girls who like to hear this kind of lies. It made them feel special and happy which I will not understand why anytime soon. Anyone would be kind enough to enlighten me?

4.)Oh that movie? Yeah it is great!

Having a conversation with a crush? The conversation is going smooth as you wished? Suddenly a movie is popped out and you realized you never watched it? Do not want to let your crush disappointed? Well now you just lied to your crush before you even started your relationship. Come on, you don’t have to scare to disappoint anyone. Be who you are, be yourself. Refer to the links below for further reading regarding How to Change Myself.

5.)I don’t care.

You don’t care? Are you sure? Even they don’t understand why we wanted to lie about this sometimes when we really do care about it. Maybe they don’t know how to express their overly-worry feelings. There may be another reason is that they are too tired to even care about it anymore as they know their cares doesn’t matter anymore.

6.)I’m not pretty!

You can find this statement everywhere. Now, you can just try asking any girl you know. But this lie is never bad, unless she does have a bad intention to begin with. This is just a common response for girls when they’re told they are pretty because if they did say I’m pretty, you will not like this kind of girls. Why? Think about it.

7.)I will not do it again. I promise!

This is the lie that is being used and used in our everyday life. Once you did it again means the promises are broken. Unfortunately, promises are no longer a way to guarantee what you will be doing in the future anymore. Promises are meant to be broken. This is what most people believe nowadays. However, do not be disappointed as even in the darkest hour, you can find light within!

8.)Nothing is wrong.

When something is definitely wrong and you do not want to talk about it. This is one of the most commonly used lie to let you get over the subject or topic quickly and quietly. Nothing much to be said, you know it, I know it and we both do it all the time.

9.)I’m fine / Don’t worry about me.

This actually happens when the one made me felt bad is asking me “Are you alright?” Felt like punching in the face of his. If not, you can ways punch him in the face with the sentence above. Or sometimes people would rather to say “I’m perfectly fine and definitely no thanks to you” Which I think would work much better.

10You’re awesome!

Yes, I know! You don’t have to remind me about it. This is how I troll them when it happens. Okay, back to the serious note. We usually say it as a gentle response or a respectful response. Nothing bad for you to accept it as this lies usually comes with no bad intention, hence the white lies. Just believe that yourself is awesome, no one would feel it if you don’t feel it yourself.

These conclude the 10 lies that people always tell, so how many of them have you said it? Lastly, no matter what’s the reason you are lying, good or bad intention, being truthful is the way to sleep soundly at night.

Which lie you told the most?

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