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Life is a series of chapters

Updated on March 28, 2014

How many days have you spent taking care of what you really feel and want ? Well, unfortunately most of your life goes like a flash. You spend so much time worrying about what he/she said and what he/she did .You tend to complain about your failures, dissatisfactions and lack of luck. All your actions are based on what others say and think .A life well lived is demanding and exhausting ,so you can't run away from reality . Whatever your challenge is ,everyone else has one ,too. What if you take a minute to start writing down all the good things that you own, instead of focusing on what you don't like or have .Starting from mentioning health which is the fundamental and basically is the most important treasure a person can have. When you have good health, you are mentally vigorous and free from any disease which is a blessing. So by now there will be a load of good things you wrote down .

Appreciating yourself as a person is a primary subject .Wisdom is necessary to perform your action in a high degree of adequacy and I'm sure that we are all wise in a way . Look and count at all the achievements you have done throughout the years . They may not be perfect and privileged , but they helped you succeed and moved on . You are a unique , special person in a way; they love you because you are a caregiver, a faithful friend or even a public figure for others. Lot of people get inspired by us without our notice . You have to look at life with humor and say "What's the best I can take from it and give to it?"

There are some steps you can take to live a happier life

1.Love yourself no matter if your black or white ,big or small , good looking or not ,you were born to complete a mission. Take fifteen minutes whenever possible just for yourself . I Know that you probably say 'I don't have time , I wish a day can have more than twenty four hours', but that's not true .There is always an empty spot in your scheduled ready to be filled . Taking care of the external beauty means that a person is confident for what he/she is . Many like to believe that looks aren't important ,but actually they are a reflection of what you are. I don't mean overreact with your look but at least be presentable.

2. Don't let any opportunity pass you by ,as long as it is for your benefit, even if it is a day at the park. Remember life is too short .Do what you really and I mean really love to do and give it your best. Whether it is in your field of work ,your house, your studies ,your hobbies ,etc..

3.Minimize your criticism and accept the way the you and the world are.

4.Listen to your loved ones more often, specially partners and family.

5. Spend more times with kids .I wrote this down ,because my life was based on them .Going down into their mentality ,is like finding wonderland on earth , It is healthy to feel the warmth of children and to listen to their stories.

6. Help yourself overcome your fears .Whenever you feel your falling into pieces ,try to search for help through your partner ,friends and family . Asking for help is not something to be embarrassed with. It is a means of getting into a brighter path.Sometimes others can see what we can't.

7. Always be positive !! Admit that you were born to satisfied your needs. Avoid negative people ,because we are not force to tolerate anyone's bad behavior. In fact, be surrounded by people that have an overwhelming impact.Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and look at the bright side of every situation.

8.Do more Yoga since it is a basic factor that helps counter the stress experienced by daily life activities.

I know that you all have read about many articles related to love and self-care, how to be positive , and to keep on moving ,but each one is differentiated from the other by the way she/he likes to express his/her writings. I hope that everyone keeps on following what is best for them, no matter how hard the situation can be . Life is not easy and we all know that,but by taking bits and pieces from our daily routines, you can clarify your views. At the end, life is once and it is worth surviving and fighting for what suits us .


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