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Little Flickering Light (A Doggerel In Simple English)

Updated on February 29, 2016
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I like to share information that makes life more joyful and meaningful. My main interests are health and general wellness in body and mind.

The Everlasting Flickering Light


Doggerel Nonsense

“Doggerel” is a noun symbolizing comic verses that are irregular in rhythm and in rhyme. Another simple meaning is “trivial or bad poetry”. To get away with my senseless rendering and not having to apologize for the “bad poetry” I call my poetic masterpiece, “doggerel”. The title is "Little Flickering Light" or to be more precise "My Dearest Little Flickering Light".

Life is a journey of adventure, just like “Alice In Wonderland”. Sometimes in dreamland, sometimes in romance, sometimes lost in space! When you have traveled the distance that I had, you will know life better. As I said this doggerel is my personal masterpiece, full of intrigues, romance, mysteries and miseries. The truth cannot be told in the open, so remains hidden in this “four-line” nonsensical poetry form. See whether you can dig them out.

I doggedly dedicate this nonsensical piece to Alice in Wonderland, what a sweet, pure, pretty, little pearl that I will forever behold.

You may like to take the quiz at the end of this “bad poetry”.

My Dearest Little Flickering Light

This is the doggerel of a flickering light

How to set it right

Stubbornly refused to be extinguished

Causing pain and anguish

Love at first sight

Never got it right

The light was bright as noon sun

That was how it had begun

Half a century, the story told

Now it is old

That little flickering light

Still in sight

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Never fades yonder

Haunting image comes and goes

That flickering light still glows

Out of sight out of mind

Challenging time

But fate is teasing

Testing remembering

“Can you guess who I am?”

“Out of the blues, I am here.”

Oh dear, no idea

Memories clammed

You little flickering light

Forever pure

Cherishing delight

Still flickering for sure

Loved ones we share

But the flickering light is still there

Still flickering at the far end

Cannot touch by hand

The pure pretty flickering light

Half a century burning bright

See it from a mile

I can only sadly smile

Good angels guiding hands

Never want to put an end

To this pretty flickering light

Then let it burn forever bright

Repeatedly brought back to life

When memories were about to die

Just when memories going to fade

The flickering light brought back by fate

Teasing secret desires

Beyond grasp

The flickering light appearing yonder

Making the heavy heart grow fonder

I can see but not touch

I can hope but no heart

I can write but no response

I can wish but lukewarm

Silence is not golden

Just makes the heart broken

How nice if just a token

To acknowledge what is spoken

Have a heart sweetheart

Make a start

Show some empathy

Or at least sympathy

Doggerel is meant to confuse

If you can’t figure out

What this piece is about

Then you are excused

Here my story ends

Full of nonsense

Senseless rendering

Not worth investigating

My Dearest Little Flickering Light!

Copyright © Justin Choo. All Rights Reserved.

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And Now The Closing Sequel

Due to a very surprised reaction after publishing this satirical doggerel, I have decided to end it all in the final sequel, "This Silly Old Flame (A Short Doggerel To Tickle)".

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