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Losing that connection with someone

Updated on December 17, 2012

Many people think that the only way someone likes you is if he asks you out. Of course a guy who likes you will ask you out but he could also do other things to prove his love to you. If a guy suddenly goes cold on you it could be a number of reasons.

When you have a connection with someone you could feel it. Some people will make you doubt it and that could make it fall apart.

Maybe he was going through an on again off again relationship with his girlfriend. He liked you but she begged him for another chance. He took her back because he felt that he has been with her longer.

He could have been attracted to you but somwhere along the line something went wrong. Maybe fate made you see each other less and less and he met someone at work.

Don't think negative because you know when someone likes you. You could tell. You could have a connection with someone and something breaks that connection. Don't feel bad or get discouraged. Remember the good times you had with this person and how he made you feel. Know that they will come again no matter what things look like now. You never know maybe he will ask you out one day. There is no time limit when it comes to love. Don't listen to the "It would have happened by now." Let life happen.


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