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Love Letters: Examples of What to Write in Romantic Letters

Updated on August 30, 2015

Sample Love Letters

The following sample love letters will give you some ideas of what to write in a love letter.  Although it is not recommended to take any of these love letters word for word, you may use them for your own personal love letter writing.

Love letters give us an excuse to let someone else know how we feel about them without any kind of awkwardness that may come from talking to him or her in person.  Long distance relationships can survive on the love letters alone, and love letters have created some of the most beautiful prose in the history of man.  Use the following love letter examples to educate or inspire your own love letters.

Long Distance Love Letter

Dear _______,

Even though you are far away right now, I know that you are close to me in other ways. Each time we think of each other, we cut through the distance. Each time we write and read letters, we are hugging each other with words. Each time I hear your voice on the phone, I can see your smile. Each time I need motivation, I draw it from you.

We are blessed and cursed by this distance between us. We are forced to enjoy the fine parts of our relationship that others with the priveledge of nearness fail to notice. All the while we can anticipate and imagine a future with nothing keeping us apart. This time of anticipation is a moment that we should cherish as a nerve racking feeling that only love could produce. And it is this feeling that causes me to travel to you each time I hear your voice, see your face, or read your words. Don't keep me waiting for your next letter,


Your Name

Anniversary Love Letter

Dear ________,

As we count another year and another anniversary, I have so much to be thankful for.  Your presence in my life is a bright shining beacon for me to stay on the right path.  You have been with me these past years even when you deserved better, and you have shown me patience every day.  Our anniversary is a special day that we celebrate each year, but it is just one day.

It is difficult to celebrate something like our love all in one day.  I want you to know that even when I am not saying it, I am celebrating our relationships together.  I want you to know that even when I am not saying it, I am thanking God that I have you.  You and I have spent time together and have really truly become one in the sense that even if we were separated, we would still have part of each other inside each of us.

Happy Anniversary, Love,

Your Name

Love Letter Wording

I love you is still a great beginning to a love letter.
I love you is still a great beginning to a love letter.

Love Letter Links for Mor Love Letter Writing Tips

Love letters are so personal that really anything may go. You can be funny, playful, creative, or serious. Think about what your partner would like and use the following love letter writing resources to help you put together your love letter words.

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