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Sex or Making Love ?

Updated on October 11, 2014

Love making more meaningful

Are you being pressured into having sex before you are really ready for it or you are the the right age ? When you do start will you just have Sex or make love to the person you are in love with ?

Any Couple can have sex however making love is more meaningful especially when the 2 of you are in love with each other & involves taking your time and making the other other person feel good not just thinking about yourself so you want to be somewhere you feel relaxed & comfortable.

Many females have been put off sex when they have been with a man who only thinks of his needs and if a female doesn't get to know how good it can be when shown will never know what they are missing out on which is sad as lovemaking can be very pleasurable for both female & male if you are with the right person

As a mature female as I get older I find I enjoy sex- Love making a lot more especially after getting remarried for the 2ND time around and being very much in love with my husband.

I know what I enjoy & want more now & that is making love .There are A lot of females do enjoy sex/ love making & need it like guys do !

There is nothing like connecting totally with the one you are in love with and giving them pleasure and also receiving it .I don't use the excuse I have got a headache as I enjoy it too much , unless I am really sick which isn't very often.

I have read that if you do have a headache having sex or making love can help you feel a lot better!

If tired after a hard day at work as many of us are why not after your evening shower ( save water shower together!) have an early night cuddling up together and make love in the morning when fresh _ very important , make sure you are clean & smell good .If needed put the alarm on for 30min earlier especially if you have children at home.

Wake him up , gently stroking him/her all over and have an erotic start to the day !

It starts the day off on a good note for sure & everyone wonders why you are smiling !

Guys need to realise that a female does need a bit of time to get going & need touching, kissing before hand & this can only bring you more satisfaction.

Be adventurous , try new positions & places!

Have a sense of humor ! Find the funny side in an otherwise embarrassing moment if one occurs .

Think of the other person what will feel good for them , What do they enjoy ?

Keep the romance alive , slip notes into their lunch box about what you would like to do later !

Have a romantic picnic in a private spot somewhere.

Love making is supposed to be good for getting rid of headaches,( not talking about severe migraines) losing weight and a lot more.

Have a quickie now & then to spice things up !

Shower together & save water & soap each other down !

When out for a meal tease one another , run your foot up his or her leg !

Be friends at other times and help each other so you are making it easier for the other person to want to be intimate with you .

Have a fun evening together , maybe play a game & have a laugh together.

Make sure you have had a shower before hand so you are fresh & clean & presentable for sex.

If you come home from work hoping to have some love making then set the mood of straight away with a welcome kiss & hug , try help out a bit . Have a shower early so your in fresh clothes.

If you go out for a meal , find a nice lookout or a park for a kiss afterwards

Always respect feelings though when one of you really isn't up to it one evening/morning.

There are some good books about sex & love making in the local library to have a read of together & give you ideas &

its good to look at them together so you can discuss what you enjoy in bed & look at the demonstrations on the different positions to try & pick out which ones you are keen on experimenting with.


Loveslove 7 months ago

You will guess from my name that I feel as you do about Sex / Lovemaking.

Sex is very different from Lovemaking.....I like to give love and receive love ,to feel wanted , respected and loved is very important in a relationship,I am lucky I experience all of these things and more.

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travel_man1971 2 months ago

Love and sex? It cannot be separated; either the former baances the latter of vice versa. As long as you understand each other, LOVE will really come at an unexpected places.

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 Next time you're out driving and you know you have some time, take a detour and visit a lingerie shop. Try on all of your favorites and model them for him. You can also plan this ahead of time, but make it seem like it was an impromptu idea! If you're uncomfortable with the idea of being in public while doing this, you can do it at home, or some places will even let him sneak in the dressing room with you.

Do it when you know you can afford at least one new sexy outfit to take home !

Top Ten places people are making love

Sometimes a little variety can easily be found just by mixing up a small aspect of your lovemaking. A change of scenery certainly fits the bill. Get creative with places you can try such as stairs, the bathtub or shower, a guest room or even the living room on a rug in front of a fire !

Outdoors under the stars can be romantic if you have a private spot . You might get surprised by an animal watching closely !

Here are the top ten popular places

  1. In a hot tub especialy an outdoor hot tub !
  2. At the office after hours
  3. In a car in the woods
  4. On a trampoline
  5. In an elevator
  6. In the back of a truck outdoors
  7. In a department store fitting room
  8. On a pool table
  9. On the hood of a car
  10. In the shower

Have you tried these places or have you somewhere else you have tried?


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    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks for the visit cindymarketing , A lot of people dont think about the diference between just having sex or making love & it can make a big diference in your relationships.

    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Southern Spain

      Generic Viagra 12 hours ago

      Excellently amazing... Hats off to your creativity man…this is a world-class write-up which I think should be read by every citizen of the world. I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention. People should understand its importance as well…


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