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Love and Separation

Updated on October 30, 2010

I want to start this article saying, "Hope you and partner stay together happily till the very end of your long lives". Separation is a concept that should never really be considered, unless your partner is causing you real mental or physical injury. Trust me, a life spent with one partner is a lot more beautiful when you look back at it, than one in which you have had a several partners.

Remember, we are all humans, and we tend to form opinions about others, including our partners. Once formed, these opinions change our perspective about the human being, and this in turn causes changes in our behavior which will force your partner too to form opinions. These opinions I am talking about, are the very ones that brought you together, and made you fall in love with each other.

Newly formed opinions change over time, and with mood. The longer these opinions last, the more ingrained and permanent they become. So, my little suggestion here is, if you think you are beginning to form a bad opinion about your partner due to some annoying behavior he/she is having, pause - and think. Is this behavior really so annoying that I just cannot live with it, or can I simply ignore it. Now, I am not asking you to ignore their faults and you become submissive, all I am saying is, do not start hating that aspect of the person. Talk about it with him/her when the time is right, and I am sure he/she will understand you.

You should never forget that, you fell in love with the person. If he/she is really so bad, that would never have happened.

Love is a very beautiful emotion, but over time, it tends to get buried under the travails of life. You get used to your beloved and somehow you feel he/she is not that special anymore. This, is what I call a change in opinion. Treat every day as a brand new day, and treat your beloved, or at least try to treat your beloved the same way you used to treat him/her when you were newly in love. It might be hard in the beginning, but the human mind is an amazing instrument, and once you push it towards believing something, it doesn't take too long for it to actually believe.

The true depth of love, is not known until the hour of separation.

Embed this quote from Gibran, deep inside your heart. You have loved each other, and stayed together all this time. Now you might feel that person is not special anymore, and the decision to separate might seem very convenient and logical to you. But when the separation actually happens, more often than not it is more painful than you ever imagined. Why let go of a person who once decided to spend his/her life with you? The memories will never fade, and every happy moment you spent together will haunt you all your life, and you will forever be left pondering about the question, "What if I had decided to stay?"


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