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Love and the Man in Lingerie, Part Five: She's Lost Respect For Me In Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

The good news from the last section is that that even if you are looking to be the more submissive partner in a relationship, there are plenty of bossy women out there who love to be waited on hand and foot. They're usually not too hard to spot either. Just don't make the mistake of choosing a woman who essentially wants to be a good little 1950's housewife and trying to make her into the head of the house. She will resent you for it and it simply won't work.

Then there is the other side of the coin, what if you are a manly kind of man, but your manly image has been eroded in your partner's eyes by your wearing of lingerie, there are things you can do to restore her faith in your testosterone supply.

Go Bungee Jumping Ride a large motorcycle Tie her up and have your way with her (consensually) Become a ninja Build a log cabin Catch a terrorist Fight crime. Run for local office. Lift heavy things Go to a creationist museum and kill a dinosaur. Fight fire

I say most of those tongue in cheek of course, but they do somewhat reflect the silly superficial cues that will work to make her think of you as being her great strong man. Even intelligent women fall for these because even the most intelligent women still posses the primal part of the brain that runs on pure instinct. Part of her will always be a cave woman, and that's the part you need to appeal to in order to attract her to you. It's ridiculous, it's unfair, and its totally unenlightened, but in much the same way the sight of her cleavage sends you back about 100,000 years, seeing you engaged in traditionally masculine acts will help light her fire.

You could resent this of course, or you could have fun with it. Pop on some panties and a bra and then take her skydiving, or let her watch you jump out of a plane. If hurtling towards the earth at terminal velocity doesn't appeal to you, go camping for the weekend and do a little cave man play acting in the wild. The ways to assert your masculinity are as many and varied as the stars in the skies.

That's all for this particular series of men in lingerie articles, but if you've been enjoying it, don't worry, there are almost a hundred other articles available on this very site, all written by moi. Follow this last link to find the ultimate directory of men in lingerie articles!


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Just to add to the list of things "to restore her faith in your testosterone supply" as you (Hope) put it. If you're some form of artist (Writer, Painter, Musician, etc) show her how talented you are. Maybe a story you've written, maybe some pantings or drawings, or even play some songs you know and/or songs you've written yourself. Any of what is listed above is of course highly recommended if that's your thing but I'm just adding to the list is all.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Your grasp of the ins and outs of this issue is frighteningly spot on. Are you telepathic or something? How did you get inside our heads like that?


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