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Romantic Love Poems, Art and Romantic Gift Ideas

Updated on February 8, 2011

The Language of Love

Poetry is often called the language of love. As a self-confessed romantic I love writing romantic poetry. In this hub I share two short love poems, romantic art pieces and romantic gift ideas.

Romantic Gifts

That's Amore! Italian Gourmet Pasta Dinner For Two Gift Basket
That's Amore! Italian Gourmet Pasta Dinner For Two Gift Basket

Romantic Gift Baskets, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Gourmet Food Gift Baskets.


Five Popular Romantic Gift Ideas

With Valentines Day approaching the pressure is on to find the perfect Valentines gift. Here is a list of some of the most popular romantic gifts. Some of these are romantic gifts for couples and others are popular romantic gifts for women.

  1. Chocolate: While this is normally considered a gift for women you can also buy chocolate gifts for men like liquor chocolates. Gifts of chocolate can be as simple as a box of chocolates or as fancy as a chocolate gift basket.
  2. Scents, Perfume and Cologne: Scents are another great romantic gift that can be appreciated by both men and women. You can buy scents in many forms including perfume or cologne sets, fragrance oils, fragrant candles, bath and body scents and even massage oils.
  3. Romantic Dinners and Gift Baskets: Romantic dinners are a great gift for couples. They can be as simple as preparing a candle-lit dinner for two at home, going to a fancy restaurant or sharing a romantic gourmet gift basket.
  4. Romantic Jewelry: "Diamonds are a girls best friend," but when it comes to romance it does not have to be diamonds. It is the thought that counts. If you cannot afford diamonds go for a sentimental jewelry gift that will capture her heart like (pun intended) heart pendants or earrings. To make it even more special engrave a tender message or her name on the jewelry.
  5. Flowers: You know I cannot speak of romantic gifts and leave out flowers. You could do the most common flower of all roses but if you want to be a little different pay attention to what her favorite flower is and present her with that instead. If you really want to be unique consider gold-dipped roses, a potted plant or silk or dried flowers instead of the traditional fresh flowers which wilt and die in a few days.

Love's Flower Art and Poetry Poster by Injete
Love's Flower Art and Poetry Poster by Injete | Source

Love's Flower

It started with a budding friendship
Between two lonely souls
A cautious relationship
of two former foes
The blossoming of love’s flower
covered in delicate thorns.
We nurtured and tended it
and it soon grew
Into a blossom
of love
sweet and true.
My precious flower
I am so blessed
that I found you.

Romantic Love Poems by Injete Chesoni.

Flames of Love: Abstract Metal Art by Injete
Flames of Love: Abstract Metal Art by Injete | Source

Lovers Voyage Poem

The voyage started off calm and peaceful
And gently we drifted along
As we sailed further out
A storm started brewing
And rapidly we lost all control
Swept by the waves of passion
We were helpless in the storm
Two self-less bodies together
Making a new form
When the storm was over
We gently drifted apart
And then we came back together
Joined at the heart

A Short Love Poem and Lovers Poems by Injete Chesoni


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