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Make Her Happy: The Acts of Service Way

Updated on August 23, 2010

Before we get started:

 There are 5 love languages everyone speaks. If you haven't found out what you're lady's love language is; please read: The Best Way to Show Your Lady You Love Her.

If you have already done that, and you know that your special sweet-heart is an Acts of Service Gal: Congratulations! Now, let's get started on figuring out the best ways to show her you care.

Showing your love with acts of service:

 You've heard "It's better to give than to receive" - well in this case it is very true, only you aren't giving anything that costs money (unless you hire someone to do it for you).  You are giving your time and effort to show how much you care.  Ways to show love through "acts of service" include:

  1. Open her door and pull out her chair
  2. Carry in groceries, or carry her school books - carry anything!
  3. Help out with the house chores (before she asks)
  4. Make repairs to the house to improve it (as much as your budget will allow)
  5. Wake up before her and start the coffee, maybe even cook some breakfast
  6. Offer to help with errands that need to be done
  7. Allow her to finish projects she has started without rushing her through them

This type of lady is a "put your actions where your mouth is" kind of woman.  She would rather see how much you love her than hear it all the time. 

Date Ideas:

 You've got yourself an actions gal.  Now what do you do?

Take her to a restaurant - open that car door, the restaurant door, and pull out her chair.  Stand when she stands (if she needs to excuse herself for a moment) and stand when she returns.  These are displays of respect and affection that she will find irresistible!

Take her to a fair or carnival where you can show off your manly skills at the games & win prizes (which you can then offer to carry). 

Repel of a cliff together.  Offer assistance with the rigging, carry the supplies, offer to "spot" her.

Look for activities that will allow you to do things for her while you are out & you've got it made.


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