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Make a Woman Happy

Updated on May 14, 2016
Treat your lady right. by rlz
Treat your lady right. by rlz

Are you hurtin’ for certain in the dating department? Love to have your lady love you more? Try these ten simple steps to kindle, repair or rebuild your relationship with that special woman.

Stop interrupting. Women often use conversation just to sort out who they are, how they feel, what’s going on around them, and where their lives should go next. So quit cutting her off, finishing her sentences, stealing the punch lines to her stories, or acting like everything’s an opportunity for contradiction or a debate. Just like you, she must be able to have her own voice.

Notice her. That’s right! — really take the time now and then to notice her, truly look at her, and see who she really is. And, since women always seem to take better care of themselves than men, you’ll probably notice something pleasant and appealing about her, whether it’s a new hairstyle, a bright smile, that unique bracelet, some supple muscle tone, or an attractive outfit. Be sure to make mention of it, and she’ll light up.

Take some initiative. You know, it actually is possible for YOU to make that morning pot of coffee. Or empty a few of those wastebaskets. Or replace the toilet paper roll. Run her car through the car wash and fill it up. Empty the cat litter. Be a help. Take the extra steps to ease a bit of her burden, and she’ll appreciate it, believe me.

Respect her domestic geography. Every woman has an idealized mental map of her domicile, her cocoon. There will be one and only one proper place for the butter dish, and another for the Kleenex box. Dirty dishes belong in one place, already-read newspapers in another. Discover where and how she likes things to be, and get them there. Help her feel that her special place in the world is under her control. After all, how much do you appreciate somebody moving the remote or messin’ with your man stuff?

Talk to her. Yeah — I realize this is a really tough one. But, while you may not believe it, it IS possible for guys to actually communicate their thoughts and concerns and feelings to a woman. (And not just gay guys, either.) If you are able to articulate what and who you are to her, you’ll forge a much stronger bond. And if perchance you are inarticulate, and you stumble and bumble along feeling foolish, you’ll score big points for openness, and it will only get easier. You’ll notice her open herself more to you.

Go against type. Who says you always have to play the hyper-macho, high-testosterone guys’ guy? (Even if you are one.) Let down your guard. Take that cigar outside, or, better yet, forego it, and spend an evening smelling like something other than a humidor. Sit through a chick-flick once in a while (without griping about it). Tivo that college play-off game and spend time with her instead. She’ll start to see you as a multi-dimensional person, and that can only be good.

Keep your less appealing bodily functions to yourself. We don’t want to see you trimming your ear hairs, taking care of that pimple on your shoulder, or boasting about your latest bowel movement. Let alone hearing you belch, or otherwise expel gas! Accept it that there are certain things that are meant to be seen, heard and experienced by NO ONE! Keep her in the dark, and you can keep her in your heart.

Show some self-respect. Maybe she’d rather not be seen with a guy with torn or stained pants, even if it they are his favorite pair. Perhaps white crew socks don’t go with everything. She certainly knows how to use deodorant, a comb, an iron, a blow dryer, a razor; maybe she could teach you how? Show that you care what you look like, and maybe she’ll want you always at her side.

Don’t give up on yourself. Nothing is more depressing than depression, nothing sadder than sadness. No matter what you are going through, keep a positive attitude and keep striving for better. Exercise. Stay clean. Read a book. Work to make yourself better, and more worthy of her love and respect, each day. Every woman loves a winner, and every woman is also quite fond of life’s strong, willing and constant competitor.

And to entertain her, just just might go to rickzworld together.

Verrrry Happy! by rlz
Verrrry Happy! by rlz

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