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Male Identity And Men Going Their Own Way

Updated on October 3, 2015

"Women civilise men"-Standard And Nonsensical Feminist Bigotry

Karen Straughan (Girlwriteswhat) On Why Men Are Not Obsolete

Men Built Civilisation


There has been a recurring theme that I keep coming across time and time again from feminists and man hating bigots. It is an insidious pattern that is found systemically throughout our Western culture. I am talking about the control and manipulation of male identity. There are two comments that have recently been made by two feminist women, which encapsulate this mentality well.

One of them is, "Women civilize men, it's what we're supposed to do."

-Tammy Bruce on Feminism 2.0.

The other comment was, “We don’t have to turn men into eunuchs. We can keep whatever we like about manhood but adjust the parts of the definition that are keeping men back.”

-Hanna Rosin on her vile diatribe regarding men being “obsolete” and gloating about, “The End of Men”.

What I am going to do now, is to substitute the word “men” with the word “blacks” in both comments.

"Whites civilize blacks, it's what we're supposed to do."

“We don’t have to turn blacks into eunuchs. We can keep whatever we like about black people but adjust the parts of the definition that are keeping blacks back.”

Then imagine such comments are promoted by an academic within a university and by a media columnist and author in talks on TED, Intelligence Squared, the Munk debates, TIME, The Altantic etc and in a book promoted with mass media exposure on TV networks. Imagine that both people support a movement that claims to be about equality and have been actively involved in this movement during their careers.

Just a question guys. What do you think the public reaction would be? Do you think people would be giving mass applause and support to such individuals? How about if I replace the word “men” this time with the word “women”? What do you think the public reaction would be then? Would these people keep their jobs? Would they be publicly vilified?

Well in both cases, both individuals have received strong support despite their bigoted views on men and boys. Tammy Bruce and her views have been supported by Prager University. Hanna Rosin did receive mass applause and support from each of the audiences at the events that she has attended and also mainstream media support from TIME, TED, Intelligence Squared, publishers, TV networks and newspapers etc. Rosin also has a job now with Slate magazine and continues to publish her bigotry. That is how low Western societies attitude is toward men and boys and how little respect there is toward masculinity. Frankly I can’t see the difference between this bigotry toward men and the Ku Klux Klan, except that our contempt for masculinity in modern times has found widespread support in the mainstream media and even from substantial segments of the public that comprise its audience. Such contempt for men speaks volumes about how sick and pathological Western society has become.

If you are a woman, then please try to imagine what it is like for a young boy to grow up and hear these messages about his masculinity in this sick gynocentric culture. Imagine going to school after hearing that men have no future in society and are redundant, like Hanna Rosin’s son Jacob has had to (despite calling his own mothers work the act of a bully). Imagine what it is like for a male war veteran that has just come back from Afghanistan and Iraq in service to his country, to hear these messages. Imagine how a fallen male soldier’s family feels when hearing such messages. Or the injured soldier with post traumatic stress that now lives barely above the poverty line. How would you expect the male youth that are suicidal or severely depressed to emotionally react to such bigotry and the message that they are obsolete and have no place in future society?

Why Is This Socially Acceptable?


Living As A Man In Anti-male Western Society

This type of contempt for men has been prevalent in our media, advertising, entertainment (TV shows, talk shows and movies) and popular culture for well over two decades now. Prof. Paul Nathanson and Prof. Katherine Young have both published a book on this phenomenon called, “Spreading Misandry”. Not only does such misandry receive no condemnation, but it is actually encouraged and normalised. Our society is not a society that treats men as equals to women. It is a society that tells men from birth that they are inferior and that their role is in subservience to women. It defines their identity as a person in relation to women’s interests and as something to be moulded by women in accordance with such interests. All too often and despite all of the enormous sacrifices men make for society (in war and elsewhere), men are ridiculed and mocked in mainstream media, TV and popular culture. Men are treated as utilities and not as human beings by our society. Claiming that men are “obsolete” and gloating about it as Hanna Rosin has done, characterises this attitude brilliantly. Men are products that are "obsolete" and they have no humanity, or so such dehumanising and hateful bigotry goes. The Jews were treated no differently by the Germans in the 1930s. Same thinking, same evil, different groups.

How Men Are Dehumanised

This Is How Little Society Thinks Of Male Suffering


Men are not civilised by women. Men are human beings. They were born with humanity, a conscience and a civilised nature. It is society and it's treatment of men as disposable utilities, that dehumanises and uncivilises men. It is society that conscripts men off to war, it is society that tells men they are obsolete, finished, redundant and inferior in the mainstream media, it is society that ignores male victims of rape, child abuse and domestic violence, it is society that ignores men’s mental health, it is society that dismisses and remains stagnant on the boy crisis in education, it is society that ignores the majority of the homeless which are male, it is society that ignores and marginalises fathers rights, it is society that reduces men to walking ATM's in divorce and it is society that imprisons innocent men in jail on the basis of false and often frivolous accusations and then looks the other way. Men are not born as monsters, but given enough time and enough neglect, ignorance and abuse by a society that treats men as disposable objects, some do predictably become monsters and a far larger fraction commit suicide (the male suicide epidemic in Western societies is an international disgrace). Perhaps people should also consider cases like the 16 year old mentally disabled boy who was physically and sexually tortured by two teenage girls in the state of Maryland (US) this year in 2014, before people make bigoted statements like "women civilise men".

Let’s reflect on all of this for a minute. Two generations of boys (Y and Z) and soon to be third, have been and are being exposed to these damaging messages and this hostile environment. They have no psychological defences and no one in the mainstream standing up for them (see my article on the psychological war on men and boys). Believe it or not, but men are also not immune to the widespread promotion of such messages and such an environment. We do listen, we are taking note and we are responding by withdrawing.

The Manipulation Of Male Identity

Dr. Warren Farrell- On How Men Are Controlled By Their Social Role And The Psychology Behind It

No one and I am mean no one, has the right to tell men either individually or collectively what their identity is, except men themselves. I would think that would be obvious but it is not. So let me repeat so that it really sinks in. Women and society in general have no right to tell men what their role in life is or to define who they are as individuals. There is no basis for having such a right and there never has been. It is sense of entitlement which has no foundations to it in reality. Men like women have self determination. We can and do form our own identities and just like women we should have that fundamental human right respected and upheld by our culture and society.

Attempts to control men and shape male identity by women are based on an illusion that has been socially constructed and perpetuated in our society, that women belong to some elite purer higher class (in one woman’s own words) and that men will do anything for women, specifically for sex. But the reality is that women are human like men and not divine goddesses that are deserving of worship and that men really won’t do anything for women, particularly when it comes to sex. What is unfolding now in society among young men and boys and men in general, is that this illusion is becoming exposed. Men are seeing through the lies and double standards and are not buying into them anymore. Men are now examining the real motivational drivers and social dynamics behind the veil of duplicity of modern male-female relationships and the male role in society. How are men responding to what they see once the wool has been removed from their eyes? Men are starting to disconnect themselves from gynocentric social systems and social norms, entitled women and institutions like marriage in droves (read this article for further discussion). These men are living a life independent of gynocentrism and are going their own way. The social phenomenon is called men going their own way or MGTOW. In many respects Japan is leading the way in this (herbivore men) and North America and the rest of the West are not far behind them. In fact the publication Breitbart recently published an article called, "The Sexodus" which covered the rapidly rising trend of men going the own way in Western society.

What Is Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)?

2015- 70% Of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married In US


The Demographic Winter

I could stop writing right now and just watch as a casual observer as things take there inevitable course. The current social system that thrives off male disposability is starting to fall apart and it will eventually collapse. To put it simply, putting women on pedestals and marginalising men and boys has a finite lifespan. I would project that the “Fempocalypse” as Karen Straughan (Girlwriteswhat) called it, is going to occur around 2030-2040 and we should start to see some serious signs of an imminent social breakdown by the late 2020s. It might not even take that long, I am just being conservative. Combine this with peak oil, spiralling government debts, an aging population and climate change and Western society (if not the world) will be in serious trouble as we approach the mid part of this century (please read my article on this subject for further discussion). So enjoy the kleptocracy while it lasts if you are lucky enough, because it is on it’s last legs.

I am just one of the few men that has bothered to tell people what is going on in the minds of a growing number of men, particularly young men and to share with them what is on the future horizon. These men are not bothering to say anything, they are just packing up and removing themselves from entitled princesses and the institutionalised gynocentrism of society. Where did all the good men go? All the good men are leaving lopsided parasitic relationships, gynocentric social norms and institutions like marriage behind. Why voluntarily sign up to be exploited (see my article on parasitism and the marriage strike)? Why go along with archiac social expectations that see you as a man as more of a utility, than as a human being? What sane, rational individual would do that? They wouldn't.

The only reason I write what I do now, is for my own conscience. I want to give people fair warning. That way it is on them for continuing to be wilfully ignorant and saying/doing nothing and not on me. I am not here to debate with feminists or to seek them out and engage in a pointless discussion with an ideologue. I write what I write on feminism and men’s rights to share men’s perspective on things. People can take it or leave it, I don’t really care. Again, I could just sit back and watch the current trends reach their inevitable conclusion in around 15-25 years time. However I feel I have a moral responsibility to let people know beforehand and give them a chance to do something constructive and beneficial for society in response to the issues facing men and boys.

People can scoff, people can tell men they are man-boys for failing to live up to someone else’s expectations of who they should be and people can talk about being a real man and manning up. Many young men are not listening anymore, they just don’t care. Most of them are well past the point of talking. They have been exposed to the man hating claptrap since they were toddlers. It is simply too little, too late now to persuade them to get back on the treadmill and be a good little disposable male drone for women and society.

A growing number of young men don’t see anything left for them in society worth saving and I don’t blame them for it. One look at the works and mainstream support of bigots like Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd is all the affirmation we need. Look at how hostile Western society has become toward masculinity. Take the blinders off and have a really good look at what society our sons and young men are growing up in and trying to forge a future life in.

This might surprise some bigots, but it was “uncivilised” men that built civilisation in the first place and it is still “uncivilised” men that are responsible for keeping industrial civilisation running. Food, electricity, water, sewage, gas, infrastructure and virtually every form of technology you can think of has a man behind it that designs, builds, maintains and repairs it. Take men out of the equation and our “civilised” society turns to anarchy and chaos in a matter of days.

That is not a warning, that is a fact. The London riots gave us an insight into what to expect.

Now it is on your conscience to do something and speak out.

Where Did All The Good Men Go And Why Did They Leave?


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