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Man-up or Man-down Which Do You Choose?

Updated on December 31, 2016

Your Choice to Man-up and Accept Responsibility

A women loves a man that respects himself and respects those around him. Women are the caretakers of the home, children, and our spouse. Most men are the bread-winners of the home, men that are "employed" is a blessing that every family should have. Since men are the Head-of-the-household, it's only right that men guide their families in the right direction.

A man that respects himself is one that doesn't smoke cigarettes, or is working toward kicking that bad habit. Also a man that respects himself and others around him WOULD NOT:

  • Disrespect his family by using foul-language in their presences.
  • Be an alcoholic.
  • Wear his pants so far down that he's showing his underwear.
  • Womanize - Be in more than one sexual-relationship with women.
  • Treat his own mother with dishonor and disrespect.
  • Be a drug-dealer in any community.
  • Be a bad influence or a hazard to other men in his environment.
  • Indulge in pornography.

As we all know 'life is what we make it' and it's our choice to man up; and choose the right things to occupy the valuable time we have on something that's worth it.

Man Up!
Man Up!

Man Down

Young boys start at an early age learning how to treat women; rather it's good or bad. Parents need to know that when they are raising a male child, that they are raising a man not a boy. Also a boy child don't always have to be raised by another man, a woman can raise a male child just as good maybe better. That's because it depends on the father that is raising a male child, it could be a father that is mostly rotten in his ways, and he teaches his son negative things on how to be a man. Then there's a father that raises his son to be a good "man of honor and respect." And yes a woman can raise a son without the help of a father-figure, especially if the father-figure is a negative energy.

A man that is down is someone that is negative to himself and other people. Examples of Man Down situations is someone that:

  • Argues frequently.
  • Physically abuse women.
  • Has grown-man tantrums.
  • Mostly view women as sexual objects.
  • Not a gentleman or kind to others.
  • Doesn't put God first in his life.
  • Does not accept responsibility for his wrong doings.
  • Say mean things to other people without cause.
  • Not a good listener, but likes to hear himself talk.
  • Engage in T.V. sports more than he engage in the Holy Bible.

How's Your Love Life

So when women are asked about their spouse situation, we want to hear that "He has manned up" he's more mature now; and/or "I thank God for this man in my life." No one wants to hear a woman say about her spouse "Man down - he is so mean; he's verbally abusive, he's a menace to society," etc. When a man treats his woman as if she is a 'Queen,' he just crowned himself to be a 'King.'

A righteous man will put God first in his life, and he will "man up" in any situation. "A man of honor" will love God, love himself, love his wife, and love his children enough to read his Bible. Yes that's right "read his Bible," it's either you "Stand for Christ or Fall for Anything."

A real man has some emotions, he is not numb to feelings, and it's alright for a man to cry once in a while. Just hope that he doesn't cry every day, unless he's going through some grieving times.

When a Man Loves a Woman, He will . . .

Be a "Man of Honor and Respect," and will Man Up
Look out for her best interest.
Respect her goals and hobbies.
Help her raise their children according to the principles of the Bible.
Bring 100% of himself to the relationship, not 50%.
Not be cruel to her, but loving.
Not point fingers at her (figuratively speaking).
Look at her with caring eyes, not hateful eyes.
Will lift her up with encouraging words, not tear her down with negative criticism.
Let's her know that love-making is not just a bed room activity, it starts with positive conversation and plans.
Compliments her for the small things that she does, such as her cooking.
Find time to spend 'quality time' with her.
Be her best friend.
Will not be jealous and controlling, after all she is not a man's property. She is God's property.
Influence her in good ways, not bad ways.
Accepts responsibility for doing wrong, then play catch-up to make it right.
Wants to make love to her rather than just having sex.

No more Man Down Situations; So Please Man Up!

"The Qualities of a Good Man" by Dr Myles Munroe

© 2012 Brinafr3sh


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