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Marriage Quotes Provide Wedding Inspiration

Updated on December 28, 2011

It's no secret, marriage quotes can work wonders for wedding inspiration. People use quotes in their weddings everywhere, including on invitations, programs, speeches, and more. If you're like me and you love finding great quotes, then read on for some great tips on how to find some.

There are tons of places you can find quotes. All the way from greeting cards to the internet you can find great quotes on marriage and love. First, make sure you know the right length that you're going for. If you wanted to write a quick, simple quote on your program then falling in love with an essay on love probably won't be the best idea.

Finding Marriage Quotes

To start with, the quickest method for find quotes would be to utilize the internet. You can find tons of quotes just by running a search engine. You can find thousands of results instantly, either long or short. If you still can't find the right quote, look through some literature. You can choose any author that writes about love from Shakespeare to Mark Twain. One memorable quote from Shakespeare is: “My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, both are infinite.”

Music is a great place to turn to when you need good quotes. There are thousands upon thousands of songs out there based around love, which work perfectly in a wedding. A good strategy would be to think about a song that's special to you and your partner. Love songs that are meaningful between two people can be great places to turn to for love quotes. Not only will the words present their own meaning, but knowing where they came from can give a special meaning on its own.

Think outside the box. You may not always need an extremely serious love quote. There are plenty of quotes about marriage that are much more light-hearted – One good idea may be to mention the quote, “Love is sharing your popcorn,” by Charles Schultz. You could then take that, build on it, and explain why your love is so special and “goes beyond the popcorn.” Just an example.

You can also think of your own quotes. A lot of people are afraid to do this, but you shouldn't. As long as it doesn't sound like you're trying too hard, or it's super cheesy, then you should be fine. They key here is to not write superficially, but rather straight from the heart – people will be able to tell when you're just trying to sound cool.


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    • TheMonk profile image

      TheMonk 6 years ago from Brazil

      "A lot of people are afraid to do this, but you shouldn't."

      Easier said then done, IMO. Nice hub!

    • itsandreawilson profile image

      itsandreawilson 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks sherrylou57 and Pamela99, glad you enjoyed the hub

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Great suggestions. Very nice.

    • sherrylou57 profile image

      sherrylou57 7 years ago from Riverside

      Well done, we just did a wedding for my niece and my husband did the ceremony and I sang a song that I wrote and played my guitar. The wedding was beautiful. We also do photography.