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Updated on May 26, 2009

General Overview

It is my opinion that is the single guys greatest resource. Imagine a night on the town in which every lady you meet is attracted to your charm, intelligence, and style. Your smile is magnetizing your dress is immaculate and people can't stop staring. is the single guys way of having their best first impression on display at all times.

The anatomy of a single women

In order to write a meaningful profile you must first understand your target audience. The single woman 24 - 36 tends to be career oriented, very motivated, and has tried other dating channels with no success. They've been in one or more longterm relationships but have simply yet to find that healthy relationship every woman craves. These ladies tend to try online dating due to the success stories of their female friends. Most of their profiles are also created with the help of those female friends.

Online Dating Climate for Women

In addition to the understanding of the " woman" one must also understand the current online dating climate

  • Men tend to slightly outnumber women in the online dating universe
  • On average women receive 8x as many emails as men
  • Most women become simply overwhelmed with the large volume of emails
  • Women tend to choose the one month trial stage upon their initial jump in to the online universe
  • Most Men don't understand how to achieve online success

Once these pricipals are understood crafting an online profile becomes much easier

Creating a Profile

As I mentioned before in my opening paragraph creating a profile is the beauty of While crafting this profile one needs to understand that their profile is being reviewed by groups of women and women have many choices in the online world. With all this being said fear not as many men do not follow the following advices. Be yourself, all pictures posted should be current and an accurate representation of who you are. I recommend pictures of you doing fun stuff with friends. (Weenie Roast, Fishing Trip, Night on the Town Etc.) Avoid the half naked or Halloween pictures, trust me there is a time and a place for everything.

When entering in to the headline phase of your profile I recommend something funny and witty. Some actual headlines I used are as follows: "My better is better than your better" , "As cool as the otherside of the pillow". Yeah, they may be a bit corny but it shows you don't take yourself to seriously. I tend to follow this same philosphy when crafting the body of my profile. I'm a big fan of spelling out my weakness. If your a bit heavy or have missing teeth or have 3 toes all of this can be overcome just address it in a funny manner before hand. When crafting your profile make it a point to any reference that feeds your ego. (Car, occupation, amount of money you own a year) All these items have there place. Just not on your initial profile. Having layers is extremely important.


All the above titled information is based strictly from my personal experience. I believe it is impossible for one to speak on anything in which they have yet experienced. Please be on the look out for " a simple guys guide to success PART II."


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