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Materialism vs Relation

Updated on May 13, 2012

Materialism Vs relations,

Once I was sitting in a beautiful park enjoying the nature .Suddenly I saw a mother playing with her kids in full spirit. I was feeling very happy and satisfied seeing love of a mother for her children. The kids were happy and were enjoying every moment.

Everything was reminding me of my golden days of childhood when my sister use to take me to play in park. The sun was setting down so they went home. But that night I could not sleep thinking of days when my father was alive and we use to play and grow together as family.

I was desperately waiting for the evening to come so that I can refresh my memories seeing them playing together .I reached their at 5.00 pm and they came at 5.30 p.m. I again enjoyed looking at them. The days were passing. The kids were growing now and were becoming adults. But they use to come every day to park, but slowly the number was decreasing day by day. And one day I saw her coming alone. I felt sad was trying to gather to gather strength to ask where are the kids. But could not dare to go to her. By now she also knew me by face but me have never talked.

One day after a while I saw her with her youngest daughter, I felt happy but she was sad as she was missing something that she lost somewhere in this material world. The process carried on for few days. And suddenly she was again alone .That day I gathered enough strength to walk to her. But seeing her sad I could not ask what was in my heart .We slowly became friends thus one day she shared with me that after her husbands died few years ago and she loved her kids and tried to give all she can to keep them happy .Today they all have gone their ways and she is living alone. Not only this they have fight with their mother for monetary reasons. And have no communication among themselves .The same kids who use to wear each-others clothes and use to share toys are now not ready to share love, care and duties towards themselves and mother. The whole life effort of the poor lady has gone to vain. On hearing this fear rolled my eyes.

And the only reason of this change was the materialism and money. Our expectation which have no end. I felt sorry for all children those who fight for reasons like this and thus forget there own parents who have done all to keep them happy in life. But this advancement has made them forget their duties for themselves and towards their parents.


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    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 5 years ago from India / Australia

      You are great story teller. In this tale you have narrated hard facts of life. Some time materialism is so powerful on human mind that it set aside all emotions, relation and attachments. One should certainly learn to balance all in life. Emotion, relation and attachments are equally important to live complete life. Keep writing such touching tales.