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Men And The Kangaroo Justice System

Updated on September 11, 2016

The Sentencing Gap Favouring Women In Our "Justice" Systems

The Preferential Treatment Of Female Criminals

This Is How Corrupt Our "Justice" Systems Have Become

Men, The Justice System And The Twilight Zone

We go about our daily lives under the assumption that we live in modern Western democracies where our rights, equality and fair treatment before the law is protected and upheld. In 2015 if you are a male citizen, you cannot assume any of that to be true. It is shocking and disconcerting for me to say that, but it is indeed the reality that we men face. Bigotry is alive and well in the 21st century.

What motivated me to start writing about men’s human rights and speaking out against the current social injustices we face, was not really one event. Rather it was a series of events over the 30 years of my life, that made me progressively more and more concerned and frankly outraged at what I saw unfolding in our society. In late 2012, that had reached critical mass for me. Many men and women involved in men’s human rights tell a similar story. We all have that moment it seems when we draw a line in the sand. The straw that broke the camels back for me, started with two Australian 60 minutes segments on the plight of two fathers under our so-called justice systems which aired 3 years ago. I have written an article about both of these stories and shared my thoughts on them. That article and the corresponding 60 minutes segments, can be reached by the link here.

When my own government (the Australian government) uses my tax money to break international law and aid an ex-wife in abducting and kidnapping children and sending them into hiding on the other side of the world against the courts, something is terribly wrong. No doubt I was not the only person who was lost for words after watching that story. Meanwhile, the Australian government gives no assistance to an ex-husband in moving his children back home, whilst his ex-wife is serving a life sentence in a US prison for attempting to murder him. Oh yes and while she refuses to sign the required papers for them to move to Australia, he has to pay this woman child support whilst she is in prison for attempted murder. Yet he is the one looking after the children and parenting them. Yes I did feel like I was watching something out of the twilight zone. Reality was literally stranger than fiction.

Corrupt Legal Systems

Corrupt Legal Academics

The Story Of Mark Pearson A Man Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

False Allegations

Men And Legal Injustice

What I will discuss in this article, are my views on the growing corruption and decay of our justice systems. Fathers and their children for instance, are routinely denied their right to fatherhood. Ex-husbands can be imprisoned for failing to pay alimony and child support exceeding their incomes and their release dictated by their ex-wives (see related article on that linked here). Sounds a lot like slavery to me. If you are a man in Western society, you can expect the justice system to do little or nothing to punish women who physically or sexually abuse you, or rape or murder you. Instead you can expect that any baseless false allegation a woman makes against you for domestic violence, rape, physical assault or sexual assault that has no evidence or is riddled with inconsistencies, has a good chance of landing you in jail. Presumption of innocence, a required burden of proof or evidence, due process and a fair and impartial trial is not guaranteed and often absent. Indeed men can expect a kangaroo court in which the private agenda of prosecutors, judges, false accusers, the justice system, feminist legal academics and feminist lobby groups have priority over their rights. If you are a man in college in the US and you are falsely accused of sexual assault, than it is literally a court of opinion that determines whether you are guilty or not and booted off campus. No evidence, no police investigation, just the popular opinion of your peers. If you are physically assaulted by your wife, the police will arrest you on her word alone. I could go on there are so many examples. Perhaps the most insane example of social injustice I can think of, is the legal system in some states of the US requiring male child rape victims of female paedophiles to pay child support when they become adults. Yes this really has happened and male rape victims really have been ordered by the courts to pay up. Have I got your attention! No this is planet Earth and this really happens. Violating our constitutions to persecute men is indeed permitted.

Of course it is never mentioned that such discriminatory and sometimes unconstitutional laws enforced by our corrupt legal systems, also has a negative affect on female dependents and the loved ones of male victims and the falsely accused. I guess the rights of daughters, mothers and sisters et cetera does not count in this context. Then we have the rights of real victims of rape and abuse being undermined by false accusers. False allegations are now frequent enough, it is being called legal terrorism.

Girl Rapes A Four Year Old Boy But That Is Okay Because She Likes Math!

This Society Does Not Hold Guilty Women Accountable For Their Actions

A Warning To Men

Men need to carefully vet all of the women they interact with. If you think the woman you are with is dishonest, vindictive, lacks accountability, or is just a little crazy or sociopathic, your best course of action is to sever all contact with them. It is better to be safe, than having to pay $200,000 in legal fees down the road thanks to a false career and life destroying allegation. The law has now become a weapon that such woman can use to exploit and destroy men. Unfortunately things have deteriorated so much, it is now risky for men to have anything to do with women in this society. It is not because women are inherently evil or bad people. It is because our corrupt justice system enables a subset of the female population to attack men with the protection and support of the law. If we reversed the genders, I would give the same warning to women. Furthermore, this legal system and culture of ours seems to have difficulty holding guilty women accountable for their actions (see adjacent videos). Men, you need to choose the women you decide to have any social interaction with carefully. Women need to understand that a subset among them are exploiting men and in turn damaging their own chances of having respectful, fruitful and cordial relations with the opposite sex. This is a men’s rights issue, but it is also a woman’s rights issue. The integrity of the female sex is being undermined by these parasites and the corrupt legal system that enables them.

Community Of The Wrongly Accused

The Cultural Double Standards Behind Our Corrupt Legal Systems

Let's Stop Pretending That We Live In An Egalitarian Society

I find it amazing that we call ourselves an egalitarian society when we systematically ignore, marginalise and attack the human rights and dignity of men and half the population. If women suffered from these social injustices in our courts, we would have people lining the streets in Washington, London, Canberra, Ottawa and Wellington et cetera. But since it is men, suddenly it is okay to tread on human rights and social justice with impunity. I want real justice! I want accountability from my government and my legal system. I want corrupt public officials and bigoted feminist lobbyists exposed for the criminals that they are. I want them named and shamed and thrown in jail doing hard time. I am not going to willingly support this society, until this society respects me and men like me. I demand equal and fair treatment before the law.

I am not going to simply dismiss or ignore what I see our societies turning into. Every man is somebody’s son, brother, father, husband, boyfriend, friend or employee. We should be ashamed of our society for treating men like disposable utilities and treading on their human rights. Yes, I said ashamed. Don’t look the other way, don’t ignore what is happening and pretend that the mass apathy toward men's issues is somehow not partly to blame for this mess. We all need to collectively rise up and challenge our so-called justice systems and political leaders.

I have drawn a line in the sand. If people continue to attack my human rights and my dignity, you can expect a response from me. I will not be marginalised because I am a man and you won’t shame me into silence for standing up for myself.

I would like to finish by reiterating the sentiments of the daughter in the video above in this article under the title "Corrupt Legal Systems". There will come a time when corrupt public officials and false accusers are held accountable for their actions. Men and women in society are losing their patience. This is particularly true of children and tomorrows adults.

The Disturbing Manipulation Of The Legal System By Feminism


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