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Men's Issues And The Liars In The Media And In Politics That Ignore Them

Updated on September 11, 2016

Dr. Warren Farrell's response to Mother Jones

One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone, is to stop taking the mainstream media, politicians and our governments seriously. They have a long track record of lying to the public and I am not talking about small little white lies either. Whilst this article will be focused on men’s rights, the problems with our current media and politics are by no means restricted to men’s rights. The dishonesty, bias and corruption is systemic. There is an agenda and there are powerful lobby groups and strong profit motives driving that agenda. That is what happens when a few corporations own the mainstream media and when lobby groups have more political influence than the electorate. These are now realities for many countries and it needs to be addressed.

Last year in 2014, the first international men’s conference was held in Detroit to discuss the issues facing men and boys. The media showed up and the usual response of running hit pieces and either omitting or distorting information was peddled. One such article was recently published in Mother Jones regarding Dr. Warren Farrell and the men's conference. This particular article is worth discussing, because it shows the level of dishonesty and methods by which the mainstream media likes to frame and discredit anyone that attempts to address men’s issues. Dr. Warren Farrell is not what you would call outspoken, extreme or some bitter man who hates women (indeed he was quite involved in the early feminist movement). In fact I would say that Warren Farrell is one of the most softly spoken and moderate voices I have come across not just in the men’s movement, but in public discourse in general. I could name at least a hundred people far more provocative than Warren Farrell in the feminist movement alone. Of course we can rely on the media to look the other way when feminists call for men to be exterminated, engage in violent protests, censor freedom of speech or run debates and publish books about the male half of the human race being obsolete and unnecessary. Feminists get a pass from the media on all of that. I want people to read the Mother Jones article and then please take the time to at least watch the adjacent video above of Dr. Warren Farrell’s response to that article (Farrell also left a comment in the comments section of the Mother Jones article, expressing his disappointment with the poor journalism). Then watch his lecture at the men's conference linked here and check out some of the other men's conference lectures on AVFM founder Paul Elam's You Tube channel (type in "ICMI" to find the content). The conference was not exactly raining misogyny and full of bitter white men who hate women, like the media would have everyone believe. Indeed there were a number of prominent women who spoke at the international men's conference, including Canadian Senator Anne Cools. People need to identify when they are being lied to and say something. Don't remain silent and let the liars in the media get away with misrepresenting people. The same goes with our politicians.

Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers Vs The Feminist Media

Of course such treatment from the media, is not just limited to people that identify with the men’s human rights movement. If you talk about men’s issues in an honest fashion and identify as a feminist, you still get the same treatment. Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers has been talking about the boy crisis in education for years. So what does the media do when they question Sommers? Well what they do best, prevent a transparent discussion of men’s issues or any issue for that matter from taking place. Please watch the adjacent video and pay careful attention to how Sommers was treated by the mainstream media. Please take note of their several attempts to reframe the discussion and trivialise the importance of the boy crisis in education. I notice they went straight to the gender pay gap myth, which has been thoroughly debunked by numerous scholars (more on that later). They also brought up the CEO gap, as if that can be generalised to represent men's standing in society relative to women as a whole. I am convinced the media thinks the public is stupid, has no critical thinking whatsoever and does not notice the clear bias at play.

Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers is actually a feminist that really is not like that and she has my respect because she behaves according to the true notion of gender equality. She is a rare breed. She bases her position on facts and most importantly does not remain silent while her feminist counterparts engage in intellectual dishonesty (this book on "Who Stole Feminism?" written by Sommers, being one example of many). If you are someone interested in women’s rights, might I suggest you subscribe to her You Tube channel linked here. The more support Sommers can get from feminists that claim they are “not like that” and really are not like that (as opposed to them just saying they are "not like that" amounting to only empty defensive rhetoric when questioned), the better. I am fully supportive of Sommers and what she is trying to do, just as I am for the men’s movement. I don’t discriminate between men’s rights or women’s rights. Both are human rights and are equally important. All I ask is that people claiming to be supportive of gender equality, act with honesty and a moral compass. I see that from Sommers and from Farrell, but I don’t see that from the mainstream media or from politicians or from gender ideologues calling themselves feminists and social justice warriors.

Gerald Celente On Obama's State Of The Union And Childcare

Of course you don’t have to be a scholar in gender issues to see through the mainstream media BS and political claptrap. All you need is commonsense. Gerald Celente is one such an individual driven by commonsense and a person that has my respect for his coverage of the economy and geopolitics (along with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Greg Hunter, Prof. Joseph Stiglitz and others). Commonsense does seem to be in short supply, particularly in the politically correct United States. Gerald had a bit to say about Obama’s recent State of the Union address. What was particularly of interest, was his commentary on childcare and his question about how exactly the American government can afford to pay for it (See the adjacent video (The original video mysteriously disappeared off YouTube which seems to be part of a worrying trend of videos disappearing that challenge the status quo, hence I have uploaded a replacement), Gerald speaks about it from 1:52 onward). The US debt is staggering. I think Gerald is spot on about the need for people, particularly would-be parents in this case, to take personal responsibility for their choices. Don't misunderstand me, I am fully supportive of women working and women's freedom to choose whether to work or stay at home and raise children (as I am for men). However, that does not mean that the needs of children should be put on the back burner and that the personal responsibility of parents should go out of the window. If people want children, then they must take responsibility to plan their finances accordingly so they can afford them. People should not be reliant on the government in order to provide for their children. Self-reliance is key for families, parents and children. Feminism would have us desire otherwise. Ironically women would have far more flexibility with their career, if society (and particularly women by their own admission) did not have so much of a stigma toward men staying at home and looking after the children. Men's issues and women’s issues are connected and always have been. It is not a zero sum game like feminism would have everyone believe.

It is the widespread lack of personal responsibility and accountability in society, that has allowed our corrupt agenda driven governments and corporate media to grow into the beasts that they now are. The value system of the Western world is completely out of whack as a result of the widespread lack of personal responsibility. Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that there are a lot of people outside of the men’s movement, anti-feminism and so forth, that are not exactly supportive of the ideological feminist agenda in the media or government. I am not asking and nor do I want these admirable individuals to become a part of the men’s movement (unless they chose to get involved on their own accord). Just keep doing your terrific work. People need to be speaking up from all corners of society, not just from the men's movement.

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz At ANU "Crisis Averted"-Great Lecture!

It is also worth noting that economists are beginning to start paying attention to the boy crisis in education and employment. Nobel laureate Prof. Stiglitz singled out the Amercian male recently in his talk at the Australian National University, as a group that are particularly facing substantial hardship (see 28:27 onward in the adjacent video, to specifically listen to him discuss men). It was a great lecture and definitely worth watching in it's entirety from start to finish. The social and economic ramifications of neglecting boys in education and marginalising men in society, will be long lasting and very dire for our societies. Of course on the other side of the spectrum, we have idiocy actually celebrating this, like the "end of men”, men are "obsolete" and men are “unnecessary” articles, debates and books being promoted and lionised in the mainstream media. I examined one such example of this bigotry in an article linked here. Intellectual rigour and the public interest, are not things that appear to be valued in the media and have not been for a long time.

The Gender Pay Gap Myth And The White House

Joe Biden And White Knight Thuggery

How The Media Propagates Lies About Domestic Violence

It does not seem to matter either, how many times the mythical gender pay gap is debunked. Even when the media actually do their jobs and question the White House on their claims of a gender pay gap that does not exist, Obama still brings it up at his State of the Union address to thunderous applause. There are two possibilities, either Obama is stupid enough to actually believe the gender pay gap (which would be deeply concerning), or he thinks the electorate is stupid enough to believe it exists and wants to further an agenda for feminist lobby groups at the public's expense. His partner in crime Joe Biden, is no better. The US Vice President has perpetuated and helped promote the lie that domestic violence is overwhelmingly men beating up women for years now. Don’t believe that domestic violence involves a substantial number of female perpetrators rather than a minority? Read this article and watch the embedded video content in that article. The media have also been actively engaged in promoting lies about domestic violence and misleading the public for decades. Please see the adjacent video for a recent example. All of these lies, whether it is about a mythical gender pay gap that does not exist or a false portrayal of domestic violence, are an attempt to get an emotional reaction out of the public to win support, money and votes. It is theatre for our societies of mindless sheep, whom will accept anything they are told without question, especially when it is about women’s issues and how bad and evil men are. Like a herd of wildebeest they respond to the call, "must protect the womenz!". The stupidity of some people, especially white knights, almost makes the con artistry of lying about domestic violence a victimless crime (I am obviously being sarcastic here). There are indeed plenty of "useful idiots" as the female villain in Gone Girl remarked. If you have not watched that movie, please go and see it.

So why do I bring all of this up? Our mainstream media and governments are morally and intellectually bankrupt. The influence of lobby groups and corporate interests has usurped or is usurping the democratic process, the free market and our basic human rights. To borrow words from Gerald Celente, “I am not anti-government, I am anti a@$hole”. Definitely one of my favourite lines of all time! I could not agree more with his sentiments. I think it is time people started to vote with their feet. Stop remaining silent, do speak up and do hold the media and politicians accountable. You don’t have be in the men’s movement to see that the media and our governments not only don’t care about men and boys, but are actively engaged in marginalising them.

The media commentators and politicians that put the interests of feminist groups above the public interest and deliberately and knowingly mislead the public, need to be identified for the liars and hypocrites that they are. They need to be named and shamed and either fired or thrown out of office. It is time for them to be thrown out with the trash. The first step to doing that is for people in society to start taking personal responsibility for holding the governments they elect and the media they listen to, accountable for their actions.

Why bother? Because it has an impact. For example, Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers wrote an article debunking former US Attorney General Eric Holder's false statement (which he gave multiple times) that intimate partner domestic violence was a leading cause of death for African-Amercian women between the ages of 15-45. People read such articles and it has an impact on the public awareness. Cumulatively such content can positively change the social and political landscape. Here is an example of women trying to make a difference for men's rights and issues-see this link. Here are some examples of men trying to make a difference for men's rights-see this link and this link. Here is another example of just normal everyday people, running and signing a petition against their government and standing up for men and boys and the issues they face-see this link. People can do something and make a difference!

Even if doing the right thing has a delayed impact or no impact at all, it is our personal responsibility as a society to stand up to corruption, dishonesty and tyranny from our leaders and public institutions. Rights and our way of life are things worth fighting for aren't they? Especially for our children and future generations. On a closing note, I would like to thank UK political candidate Mike Buchanan and Canadian Senator Anne Cools for their efforts. It is true, "Not all politicians are like that".

The social, media and political silence on men's issues must end.


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