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Millionaire Dating. Attract a Rich Man of the World

Updated on October 4, 2017

The Road to Wealthy Men


Where the Rich Boys Are

The first thing you must do when deciding to lure a rich man is to swim with the gold fish. Place yourself around as many well heeled men as possible. The reason for this is basically a numbers game. The more rich men you are associated with the better your chances of connecting with a rich guy and eventually achieving happiness.

For more details on how to initially meet rich men read, How To Meet Rich Men, and How to Meet and Date Rich men, and follow this advice on setting yourself up in places that rich men frequent. Actually make it part of your life, because the more natural you are in your environment the more trustworthy you will look to your rich prey. Remember, rich men do not become rich by being stupid. In spite of what the media says.

They are often very astute and sometimes even suspicious of women who are out to inherit their wealth, so you must be on your toes at all times.

Now just how does a woman who is out to hook a rich guy stay on her toes?

Never let your guard down! You must appear sweet, sincere, moral, and basically seeming to be living life with a definite purpose. If you don't have these qualities you can easily appear dispensable to your rich and focused friend, and the last thing you want to do is appear to be just another bimbo to your wealthy romeo.

Once you have singled out one, two or three guys who you truly feel attracted to enough to date and romance, then the rules become even more important and it is in this grey area of dating that leaves most women bitter, rejected, and desperate. It is up to you to be the one with the staying power. This is where you need to shine where other women tend to loose luster, and you will do this by being cool headed where other women are too emotional; and you will be sensible, where others are flighty, but most importantly you will be of high moral standing, and worthy of he placing you on the highest of pedestals.

How To Marry a Millionaire


Dating a Millionaire

After you have gone through the rigors of meeting Mister money bags, its time for the serious and sometimes grueling marathon of dating a millionaire. The thing that makes women in this situation so unhappy is the fact that so many men will just keep a girl hanging there for a long time. You can often be left hanging around with no clue as to where you actually stand. Yes, I have seen some women fall head over heels in love while they watch their cold footed darling avoid even referring to them as a "girlfriend." Oh, the pain!

This is the time when most women of average means get dumped. Some will be casually dumped within five months but others will be jerked around for five years before being thrown in the mud for another woman. You must not let this happen to you. Keep reading and be sure to take what I say here very seriously if you want to reach the finish line as a winner.

Always remember that when dating a man you are basically on probation just as you are when you first get a job. Many companies will put you on probation for several months before the company actually commits to hiring you. In dating you are basically test driving each other before making a major commitment, and if you act as though you are on probation you may find that you are reeling your guy in. Most women develop a feeling of contentment after dating for a few months and begin taking it for granted that the relationship will last forever, only to get the shock of their lives from a rejection that seems to come out of nowhere. Men and women are totally different in that after six months women feel like they are just settling in while men are often just about to bail. Men are not attached after a mere six moths.

Probation in dating a rich guy is about giving your man plenty of space. Make sure that you are not the one calling and asking when your next date will be. Rich men are busy and usually very focused people. They will put business first and by your pestering him you will appear to have no life of your own. He will quickly see you as a woman of fluff and little substance.

You must refrain from being the aggressor and tend to important things in your life while playing only after all the major chores of life are behind you. This is basically a way of modeling his behavior and making your personality more similar to his while at the same time, adding to your mystique. A women who calls, invites and pesters is a woman without mystery or intrigue. Also, most rich men are alpha males and they like to do the hunting. If you deny them the excitement of trying to win you they will become bored with having you around.

When you do go out on dates remember to never, never, but never drink alcohol. The reason being is to remember that you are truly on probation and no one finds a lush attractive. Think about it. When you see someone getting slightly tipsy do you find them more attractive or less attractive? I have sat with men who were relatively attractive and once they started slurring the whole image of a powerful and exciting man diminished right before my very eyes. I have also sat down with pretty women, and once they started getting sloppy they lost their mysterious and lady like demeanor which made them lose overall attractiveness the more they relaxed into it.

So, no matter how much fun it is to be slightly tipsy and how pleasurable it is to be sipping fine wine, I must advise you to lay off the liqueur until you get the rock.

Think Rich to Get Rich

When it comes to making a serious commitment, rich and successful men have a lot in common. They search for stable women because they have learned through business and wealth generating, that for success to grow one must have a clear business focus. This carries over into their personal lives and they generally don't go for flighty girls who can't get their act together.

Study the traits of success oriented men by reading, The Millionaire Next Door, and The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, to get yourself on the right track. You don't necessarily have to get your master's degree or anything like that, but the more of a levelheaded entrepreneur you are the more respect you will command. If you save money and then invest it, you will look a lot more like the type of woman a man of great wealth can count on, rather than being a spender who is deep in dept and now desperately needs a guy to bail her out.

In short; to understand how to marry a rich man, think like a rich man.

Start organizing your life, your money, your figure and know exactly how much money you have. Balance your checkbook to the penny. That is something that the wealthy do, and the broke don't do. The most famous sought after millionaire of all time, John D. Rockefeller, who made multi millions of dollars every day taught his children to account for every penny they had. A more liberal minded parent, and less wealthy, would say that this type of behavior is petty and unnecessary, and that explains in a nutshell how the latter is not very well to do. Organizing, valuing the money you have and doing wise things with it is the foundation for wealth. In fact, after studying wealth principles for some time you may just want to read how to be a smart and independent woman and skip the rich guy all together.

Rich Men and Family Values

If you are a Christian, great, you have a solid moral foundation and men generally admire women who are moral. If your guy has no religion, he will be tougher to conquer; he may even be one who never marries, in which case you may want to rethink your interest in him. Because, ultimately, even though we are talking rich men, I hope female readers are interested in actually falling in love, and living a great life with a dream man. Religious men are naturally moral and crave a wife and family, but men who have been jaded and have turned away from religion are more likely to treat a woman harshly without guilt. This does not mean that you cannot get your agnostic rich man to admire you so much that he falls in love with you and wants to marry you, but it will take longer and you will have more obstacles in your way. Such as, he may think that cheating is okay.

Women's lib or as we know it now as "feminism" has failed women in every way. And I simply don't speak this word without contempt. Women are not better off than they were in the 1940s because in every reliable survey taken over the past 60 years happiness has declined in women sharply since the1970s. More than 80% of women said that they were generally happy in the 1940s and by the 1970s the figure was down to 60%, with the number dropping sharply to 30% by 2000. Not to mention that the poverty rate for women has also increased dramatically with the number of single moms.

Sure there are more women who are lawyers and doctors, but believe me, contrary to what many are led to believe, there were female doctors in the 1940s, but the number was smaller, not because women were being held back, but because most women did not want to be doctors, they wanted a family. Marrying a doctor was more attractive than being one. While you feminists are grumbling, ask yourself the question and answer it honestly..... If you could choose between being married to a wealthy man and have as many kids as you wanted, or if you could be a successful doctor, what would you rather be?

I am not including this in a survey because I know that many women would be reluctant to tell the truth. Even the women who I personally know who are doctors want to take years off of work so that they can raise a family. We are not the same as men and we have different desires, and I wish that there were a new type of "feminism" that truly protected women's integrity, while letting women be women.

Don't act like a modern feminist by swearing all the time and having sex on the first date, instead, hold value to old fashioned ideals, such as having sex only after marriage, and having children only after marriage. Even non believers will see you as a solid and moral woman who is worth taking seriously.


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