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Effects of Technology on Your Relationships

Updated on February 13, 2017

Welcome to the World of Modern Technology

Modern technology has brought us devices that would have seemed like science fiction a mere twenty years ago. We carry smartphones that allow us to make calls, send and receive text messages and even access the internet no matter where we are. We surf the internet on our laptops anywhere we are able to pick up a Wi-Fi signal, watching videos on Youtube or simply reading the days top headlines. In this day and age, the possibilities are truly endless.

We all know the wonders that are available at our fingertips, but have you ever given thought to how all these things can affect your relationship? Sure, they can make things easier in your relationships. They make it easier to remain in contact during the course of our busy lives and provide another vehicle to keep the romance alive and well. The downside is that these same things can also become a barrier between you and your special someone.

Cell Phones

Let's face it, our generation has a love affair with the cell phone. Everybody has one, wherever we go there is somebody walking around talking on their phone. Those days of sitting at home waiting for an important call are now long in the past. We are the In Touch generation. It is up to us to determine whether this improves our lives and relationships, or if it tears them down.

Few things can break down the communication between a couple more than the constant interruption from a mobile phone. Your partner wants to talk with you, not compete with your cell phone for your attention. If you are constantly answering your phone or responding to text messages, it is quite possible that your significant other is feeling a bit alienated. It can be very frustrating trying to have a conversation with someone who is busy typing away a text message.

On the other hand, when used correctly cell phones can enhance the quality of our relationships. They provide a ready available means of communication with our significant others. Think that you might be a few minutes late getting home? Give her a call or send her a text message. Have a few spare minutes at work? Send her an "I love you" message, those words never grow old. Every woman likes to know that she is loved and thought of throughout the day.

The ability for flirting with your loved one can be one of the best functions you can tackle with your cell phone. Along with allowing you to keep in closer contact with your significant other, you can get creative by sending cute animations along with your messages.

Computers and the Internet

Computers have become the distraction that television was to the last generation. Women have had to compete with the television for their mans attention for years, but now it is often the computer they are competing with. Men come home from work and go straight to the computer, either doing tasks for their job or simply looking for entertainment. Regardless of what you are doing, it is important that you do not spend so much time on the computer that your wife or girlfriend begins to feel alienated.

The healthiest relationships are the ones in which a balance is maintained between time for yourself and time for your partner, computers fall into that category. You never want your partner to feel that your computer is more important than they are. Make sure when you are spending time with your wife or girlfriend, that you turn off the computer or at least do not sit in front of it. Few people will tolerate having a conversation with someone who is not giving their undivided attention, your significant other is no different.

What Affect Will Technology Have on Your Relationship?

As i have stated, technology can have a major impact on your relationship, it is up to you to decide if it will be a positive or negative effect. Treat your new technology just as you would anything else, with consideration to how your partner feels about it. Do not allow yourself to become so absorbed in your cell phone or computer that you are unaware that your significant other is feeling neglected. Stay in tune with your significant other and your relationship will be much better each day.

© 2013 by Christopher J. Wood

© 2012 Christopher J Wood


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    • CJWood71 profile image

      Christopher J Wood 5 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thanks for the comments Mellonyy! It is true that we can control what impact technology has upon our lives, if we take the time to consider how we use the technology.

    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      You are absolutely right, stating that technology can have a major impact on our relationship. It is simple: if we are positive persons, the impact will be also positive and back. Thanks for sharing , voted up!