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My Definition of Love: The Strenght of Love

Updated on April 2, 2017

I often tell people that every friendship has a beginning. This is because we did not come into the world with friends and we can remember the first time we met those we now call our friends.

The beginning of our love and friendship was the beginning of your existence. Yes, it started the moment you took your first breath and you realised that I was already waiting for your arrival. Your arrival brought joy and happiness to us and it was a key that opened a seemingly closed door of happiness. This was possible because you came with that magical key that made grasses grow so green in a place some people called a desert.

My dear, you must be an angel to possess such key and powers and little wonder you came with a heavenly beauty and a smile that tame a lion.

I have watched you grow up to become a symbol of true love for you proved that love can be so strong to overcome all forms of enmity, even when it is paternal just as in the story of Romeo and Juliet where love suffered because of family enmity. Your act of love and kindness started at a very tender age as can be proved by the first Val card you gave to me which I have kept and treasured to this date. My Dear, you have made love immeasurable.

Now as you move to the next stage of life, to start a family of your own. I trust your family will be built on love and friendship because it is my greatest desire that you will remain happily in marriage and you have what it takes to make my desire come true. Therefore, I have no fear because you are my definition of true love. Your act of love can be used to testify the strength of love.

It is my wish to stand by you and watch your transition to this marvellous phase but if I am not there physically and I know it will hurt, I trust you will understand, certainly I shall be with you in spirit. The spirit is stronger than the physical because the mortals have no power over it. It is taught, “After death, judgment follows” but for us “after death, love continues.” This is because the strength of your love can avert judgment.

Please, no matter what happens, never forget that I shall continue to love you because you are my definition of true love. Happy wedlock, you are a wonderful sister.


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