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Narcissist And Abusive Relationship Help

Updated on June 12, 2011

Meaning Of Narcissistic And How It Effects Your Relationship

Having a relationship with a narcissist who's abusive can cause pain and emotional suffering. The once gentle and kind person that you grew to love is now cold and uncaring.

In short, a narcissist is someone consumed with self love. They'll surround themselves with things and people who help feed their ego. The people that they choose for relationships are usually very genuine and kind.

Narcissist percieve " nice " people as submissive. They seek these types of people becuase they can easily control the relationship. Once they realize they can no longer control you, they'll withhold love and affection by replacing it with emotional abuse or in some cases physical abuse.

In the begining narcissist are charming, giving, and attentive. They're nearly perfect in every way. You may fall head over heals in love, only to have your heart broken and spirit crushed.

The only way to deal with a Narcissist is to confront their behavior. Everyone has a certain amount of narcissism but, for a person who has narcissistic personality disorder, the only recourse is therapy.

In the meanwhile you'll have to learn some techniques and coping tactics to help you through or out of the relationship. Below are a few resources to help stop abuse due to a narcissistic relationship.

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Help For Narcissistic Abuse

Many women and men will not realize that they're in a relationship with a narcissist until the abuse phase begins. It may feel like the person you've grown to love somehow left the planet. The sadness and depression that comes from this is similar to mourning.

The abused tend to stick around because they're waiting for the once kind and loving partner to return. Whether this person ever actually existed is the question. With therapy and accountability, a narcissist can live a normal life. Unfortunately, the hurt and pain they leave behind can cause deep emotional scares.

People who've suffered abuse due to a narcissistic relationship need help as well. Seeking therapy or group support is a great way to work through the emotional trauma while gaining your self confidence back.

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How To Spot A Narcissist

How To Deal With Narcissism

If you're just now finding out that your partner, or loved one is a narcissist, you may feel discouraged. Many people are searching for ways to remedy this type of behavior. There are a wide range of opinions and views on this topic. Some suggest that you end all contact, why others will provide techniques and other forms of support in order to help you through it.

If you're in a abusive relationship, the first thing that you need to do is, put yourself first. To a narcissist, this is blatant blasphemy. There's no one more important then the narcissist. Once you begin to put yourself first, that's when the narcissist will use guilt as a tactic to get you back on their side. It's important that you remember this throughout your healing process. This can be a major set back, because guilt has the potential to draw you back into their world.

Should I Ignore A Narcissist?

Many people want to know if it's wise to ignore a narcissist. If it's possible to do so, then yes. This option is not always available. Some are married to, or in a family with someone who suffers from narcissism.

It's virtually impossible to ignore a person that you live with and have a comfortable and healthy environment. If you're in such a situation seek a therapist's counsel for techniques and methods in order to handle living with a narcissistic person.


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