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Nate's DVD Collection ~ Legally Blonde

Updated on March 15, 2011



When sorority president and fashion design major Elle Woods is dumped by her boyfriend before he goes off to law school, Elle decides that the only way to win him over is to matriculate to Harvard Law. But when it turns out that Werner sees her as nothing but a pair of breasts and blond hair, what started out as a romantic chase becomes a journey to prove to herself and to the world that Elle Woods is both formidable and fashionable.



Reese Witherspoon

Matthew Davis

Luke Wilson

Victor Garber

Jennifer Coolidge

and Selma Blair



Deleted Scenes

Inside Legally Blonde and The Hair that Ate Hollywood featurettes.

2 audio commentaries with Robert Luketic, Reese Witherspoon, Marc Platt & Film Crew

“Perfect Day” music video by Hoku

Trivia Track

What I Like About It


From the get go this movie is about not allowing someone else's expectations determine who you are and what you are going to do with your life. There is also the underlying story of camaraderie among women, which I believe is a very strong value that not enough movies or book authors seem to tackle.

Elle Woods is the kind of person that every young girl should try to aspire to be. Not because she's wealthy or because she grew up in Beverly Hills, but because she never once compromises who she is.

When her ex-boyfriend Warner tells her she isn't smart enough to finish Law School, does she break down and cry? Does she admit defeat? Does she panic and say, “No, no, you can't leave me. Please, I'll stay with you even though you emotionally cut me down.” Hell no. She storms out of the party and sets out to prove to the SOB that he basically had a bird in his hand and now it's flown the coop.

But even when she becomes determined to graduate she doesn't compromise who she is. She is a considerate, caring, person who helps out a friend out of the goodness of her heart.

Reese Witherspoon really owns this role. There is not moment in the movie when I'm not convinced of the fire and passion she puts into Elle Woods and it's only matched by Luke Wilson's presence.

Parents of Twilight fans, take note. Elle Woods is a better role model than Bella Swan. That's right, Twilight. I'm after you next.

What I Don't Like About It


Only that there's only two movies in the Legally Blonde series. Sorry, I don't count the direct to DVD film about Elle's British cousins going to an American school. *cough*Rip off Grease 2*cough*

Should You Buy This DVD?


You can find Legally Blonde 1 and 2 in a double disc pack but you may not get the special features you get on the separate discs.

Can My Kids Watch this?


My six year-old sister has seen both films and she was fine with it. Except for some language and a few very tame sexual references you'd have to be pretty tight fisted and puritanical to find anything terribly offensive in it.

Again, if it's a choice between this and Twilight I'd let kids watch Legally Blonde hands down.


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