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Not that easy to leave an abusive relationship

Updated on February 27, 2012

Not easy to leave an abusive relationship

Everyone that has talked about abusive relationships has left out important details... And that is the person that is being abused cannot leave unless they have someone that will take them in emotionally, financially, and give them a roof over there head for as long as they need.

Because for the most part the abuser will keep an eye on the money which makes it very hard to put money aside for yourself to leave. And the majority of abusers will (without your knowledge) go thru all of the house and vihicles or anyplace he may think you may be stashing money or anthing else, he will do this so many times within every month or sonner.

The abuser will leave you in finacial ruins, there for making it harder to leave. Especially if you have no job.

The first thing you should do is find someone to take you in for as long is it takes. You need lots of support. And from there you need to keep in mind the awful things he has done to you and life that you have lost... That there will hopefully keep you from going back and most important to keep in the front of your mind is that it will never change with him. Those things kept in mind will help you fight to get rid of him.

I myself have had emotional, verbal and physical abusive. Went thru it all...ten years worth. In the end it took a cracked head for me to final say THAT'S IT !! He tried to make me come back AGAIN. But i final wised up, because i new it would be death for me next time around.

So keeping those awful memories fresh in my mind keeps me alert in his ways and maybe others that i might encounter.


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    • Celenamaria profile image

      Celenamaria 6 years ago from Rochester NY

      You are so right...The only issue i have about these programs for the abused is that the majority of women have children and for women to leave they need assistants right away, especially when they are left finacially ruined. If an abused person doesn't have anyone to go to, they need to know they will be put in a place of their own and be helped finacially (if needed)right away. That would give hope for anyone wanting to leave and they would actaully leave sooner than later. Some programs leave the abused more fustrated where they end up going back.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 6 years ago

      I think the bigger issue is a lack of knowledge of progams available for those who are abused. It's easier to stay in an abusive relationship than to "start over" for a lot of people. Others take the approach that they are more comfortable with the devil they "know" compared to what may be lurking outside. When a person actually loves themself they won't allow someone to mistreat them for long. They know they can find another person who will treat them right or they would rather live alone. Unfortuanately you can't give someone self-esteem. They have to give that gift to themself.