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Online Dating: 100+ Romantic Messages to Send to Make Your Partner Happy

Updated on March 13, 2019
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Dating coach and Online dating coach with over six years' coaching experience.

Online Dating

Online dating messages you may send
Online dating messages you may send | Source


You are into online dating.

You are dating a guy or a lady online.

You have developed feelings for this special person.

Your love is growing gradually.

And you want to move your relationship to another level.

One thing you can do to help maintain the interest of your partner in you is the things you say to him or her online.

Here are some sweet things you can say to your partner to make him feel connected so that your relationship can grow.

Romantic Messages A Man Can Send

  • I’ll give my all to you and still find more to give you for as long as we live.
  • I’ll gladden your world day after day.
  • Hold my hand tightly, sugar, and let me take you to the summit of Mountain Love.
  • You’re my golden treasure.
  • Superb body, let’s eat candy sometime this week. But I know that candy cannot match your sweetness.
  • My flower you make me feel as though I’m leaving the lower levels of affection and rowing on the flow of love.
  • I’ll always quench your thirst for love with my cool clear affection.
  • You know, after I left you last night, I danced up the steps, waltzed into my pajamas, wore a song, and sang into sleep because of the hugs and kisses I received from you.
  • Chocolate, I feel so satisfied after chowing down on your love and have no desire to eat physical food.
  • Special, I’ll always dial and tune into your heart for there lies my happiness.
  • You make me smile for miles as I walk or drive each day.
  • Great cook, I’m hooked onto you for life.
  • Modern Day Eve, you will not be sad as long as I’m around.
  • Babe, if Abe Lincoln were still alive as President of the United States, he’d appoint you “Secretary of Hearts.”
  • Girlfriend, there will never be an end to our friendship.
  • Sweet Pea, you know why I call you pea? You give me Positive Energy Always.
  • I have racked my brain trying to find 2 things I hate about you. You know how many I found? CAPITAL ZERO! None!
  • With you, every day consists of 1000 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Queen of Wonderland, what other wonders can you perform after all those you’ve been doing each day?
  • You know what your talent is? Making me happy.
  • Pretty Babe, you make it easy for me to face life.

Romantic Messages A Man Can Send

  • You’re the world’s next great thing.
  • I’ll inform all women on earth to model their lives on your character. You’re A1!
  • You make me experience another world every day.
  • You’re worth more than $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… …
  • You’ll always score an ace on my love exam each day.
  • You’re such a badass romantician.
  • I know you’ll surely become the daughter-in-law to my father and mother.
  • Love banker, I know my heart and feelings are safe in your love-vault.
  • You’re the marmalade on my toasted bread. Oh, so sweet!
  • You make me experience revitalization every blessed day.
  • You’re sweet beer, beautiful, enigmatic, exquisite, and ravishing!
  • Big Bug, that’s just what you are.
  • No instrument in this world can measure my love for you.
  • The meteorologists predict that I have induced a lovelolumbus cloud in the sky and it’ll rain love and affection on you for the rest of your days.
  • Eye candy, my eyes just cannot stop feasting on your sweetness and delectableness.
  • I was feeling sick and went to the drugstore and you know the drug they gave me? She-is-all-that-you-needicin.
  • Granola bar, my polar bear, what would I do without you.
  • My heart is in your hand and I know it’s in good hands.
  • I feel your very being with my heart every moment of each day.
  • I’m your love immigrant and I assure you I’ll never go back to my country without-you-land.
  • You are the lubricant that makes it easy for me to live without much friction in this world filled with friction and stress.
  • You look so radiant, ruddy ant.
  • I’m your confidant for life so lay all your troubles on my shoulders, love.
  • I assure you I’ll never take your love and affection for granted.
  • There is no place for complacency in my heart with regards to how I will treat you.

Romantic Messages A Man Can Send

  • I promise you continuous activity, accountability, adjustability, admirability, adaptability, agreeability, and allowability.
  • Some say love is alogical but you are making love make sense to me.
  • If you had been created a flower your botanical name would have been Incredulous incomparabilitious.
  • Characterologically, you are humble, affable, easy to get along with, and a wonderful girlfriend.
  • You are the best woman any man could have.
  • Hallucinogen, continue to make me have hallucinations because I don’t want to come back to reality.
  • I can take a bullet for you any day.
  • You’ve got great aptitude for love information, your attitude is right, you are taking me to higher altitudes, and I know this will go on till infinitude.
  • My decision to date you is the wisest decision I’ve ever made in life.
  • You are a rare combination of dazzling beauty and unimaginable intelligence.

Romantic Messages A Woman Can Send

  • I’ll not fear a multitude of foes once I know you are with me.
  • You are the raft on which I float over the sea of challenges and chaos.
  • I don’t need to read any romance book or watch a romance movie once I have you in my life.
  • You are a love poem that I can never stop reciting.
  • The day I met you will forever be the happiest day of my life.
  • You are a fantasy come true.
  • My favorite song I’ll continue singing is You-Complete-Me.
  • I was puzzled about what love means until I met you.
  • Amazing, life was such a confusing maze but you’re making me decipher the whole thing.
  • Brawny, I am heels over head in love with you.
  • Charismatic, working lovematics with you is so pleasurable.
  • Dazzling Guy, I’m dazed by your personality.
  • Dreamy, you are the perfect dream.
  • Expert , I’m your pet and I know I can only expect the best from you.
  • Gorgeous, I’m engorged with your love.
  • Handsome, you define that word.
  • Magnet, the attraction I feel for you is extremely strong.
  • You are so supportive. Kudos.
  • I’m captivated by your love.
  • This relationship voyage has been wonderful so far because of you. You are magnificent.
  • If all the men in this world were like you this world would be heaven.
  • You are my overriding interest in life.
  • Do you know you carry a part of me with you always?
  • I hear birds making melody in the trees but their music does not compare in any way to the melody you produce in my heart.
  • Your glance is the best of rays and I can feel its glory.
  • Because of you I experience 24 hours of daylight.
  • Your love shines on me like sun rays.

Romantic Messages A Woman Can Send

  • When I compare you to a summer’s day I must say you are more lovely and temperate.
  • Of all the smart guys on earth none is half as sweet as you.
  • O my love is young and fresh and it will continue to be young and fresh forever.
  • Your compassion is absolutely angelic.
  • Because of you, every day, I can look forward to intrigue and colorfulness.
  • You know what I like about you? You have a firm and balanced manhood. You know when to act tough and when to show tenderness.
  • When you come into my thoughts a kind of ineffable splendor crowns my day.
  • An early star lingers in the night long after all other stars have gone to sleep and that star is called YOU.
  • Your love is hot and unselfish.
  • You are always nervously anxious to please.
  • There is a new marvel in the sky, a bright star called YOU.
  • You have a patience worthy of emulation.
  • You’re a love potion that I enjoy sipping at my leisure to give me pleasure.
  • You are my profound and absorbing interest.
  • You infuse my spirit with profound and eager hopefulness.
  • I have this satisfied sense of completeness whenever I see you online.
  • A sensation of golden sweetness and delight fills my body as I connect online now.
  • You are a well-bred mixture of bravery, boldness, chivalry, and courtesy.
  • I’m absorbed in the scent and murmur of your love.
  • I see a soft golden light all around you which whispers, “You mean everything to me.”
  • You make me experience an inexpressible fervor of serenity.
  • Your whole being is filled with unfailing sweetness.
  • A pleasant and light sensation sits in my heart because of your love.
  • You stand out among men on the internet.
  • Dates with you are just magical.
  • Thousands may hate me but when I think about your love, thou sands of love strengthen me.
  • Roman Man, romance feels like roaming in Rome.
  • My brow sings “He’s a jolly guy” whilst I’m browsing.
  • Without you, online dating sucks!

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