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Online Dating Hot Spots

Updated on December 10, 2012

Be Safe While You Date

Traditional dating methods for today’s singles can be a messy affair. Too much time and mascara is often wasted on lame encounters. So how can single women upgrade their dating techniques? Easy: online dating. It throws singles a relationship lifeline because it allows them to be savvier in pursuing their romantic goals. Online dating lets singles approach dating like a power shopping trip for romance: a ton of selection at their fingertips with the ability to check out the merchandise before committing. For single women on a mission to finding the man that suits their love profile, online dating presents them with the tools they need to close the sweetest of deals.

Get The 411

The online dating experience gives single women the opportunity to make custom matchmaking selections based on the factors that are important to them. Maybe you’re one of those single women who think size matters? Well, whether it’s the size of his bank account, brain or shoes, online dating lets single women tailor a matchmaking plan to their needs.

The one-on-one interrogation of traditional dating is a time-consuming, sometimes mind-numbing task for many single women. With the help of personal profiles, online dating enables single women to get the 411 on multiple love prospects without wasting valuable face time. With access to a database of personal information--such as photos, vital statistics, and romantic preferences--single women are able to weed out the undesirables from the comfort of their own homes.


Following the initial screening, online dating offers single women the opportunity to check out his communication style via electronic chat. Is he romantic enough?  Playful enough?  Edgy enough?  This kind of interaction gives single women insights into the mind of their future love while using technology that lets them control the flow of conversation.  Single women have the power to delete the duds, and save the keepers.


Even when single women are enjoying a night out with the girls or with their favorite TV show, their dating profile remains online for viewing by interested men.  This kind of exposure enables single women to attract potential love matches 24/7.   This steady influx of fresh prospects means single women are not limited to the “regulars” they meet in their everyday lives.  Variety definitely has its advantages for single women seeking to spice things up.

The odds of finding a love match get a nice boost when a larger selection of romance candidates is made available to single women.  That’s the beauty of online dating. It gives single women the advantage of choosing from a bigger pool of love prospects.  Barhopping, blind dates, fix-ups—these dating methods leave single women on the losing end of the numbers game. 


With all of the benefits online dating provides single women, it really makes sense to re-evaluate your dating habits and consider the many rewards of online dating.  For single women, online dating opens up a world of possibilities and puts them in the driver’s seat on a journey to serious satisfaction.


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    blondepoet 7 years ago from australia

    This was so cool. It had some brilliant tips. Thumbs up!!!