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Online Dating Success Secrets For Every Guy

Updated on July 20, 2017
You'll soon be the most popular penguin online.
You'll soon be the most popular penguin online.

Online Dating Success Is Within Your Reach

There is body language that women give off which shows she is attracted to you and does notice you. With the right words, you may even get a woman to approach you.The important thing is for you to be able to read 'between the lines' when it comes to women. This is true whether you are on an actual date or are dating online.

Get Past the Fluff

When meeting a woman online, it is important to get past the fluff and appeal to her in a more direct way. For instance a woman who wants to settle down and is looking for someone to laugh with and be her best friend is trying to find a mate who can fulfill these needs. When you are trying to hook up with a girl you like, find out what she likes to do. A woman who likes dining out, music, yoga and working out won’t be too happy with someone who likes to eat in most of the time, for obvious reasons.

Pay Attention

When it comes to online dating, pay attention to what the woman is looking for. A woman who believes that friendship is the basis of the best relationships will obviously want to be friends with you first. When a woman says she is compassionate, kind and genuine, she is looking for the same qualities in a man. This is where it is a good idea to know more about yourself as a man. Having the qualities a woman is looking for will make you a good match in the long run. Knowing your qualities are not exactly what she is looking for and still making a pursuit may prove to be futile after a while.

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to women, practice makes perfect. In the event you don’t really have that much experience, it will be hard for you to have a frame of reference of knowing what to do next in terms of online dating. You won’t really 'get it’ unless you keep on practicing. It does not help that a woman who is attractive will have tons of matches and responses. This is why you need to stand out. One rule to remember is to make sure you don’t come off as 'desperate.’ Another turn off for women is completely memorizing her profile and giving 'fake’ answers you think she will like. The manual “How to Use Cocky Comedy for Online Dating Success” will help you know how to keep your answers honest and yet be very attractive to the right woman.

Women Online

When a woman makes a decision to begin the online dating game, she may sit in front of her PC and describe her Prince Charming and what she wants from him. She will most likely describe her ideal match and include qualities that include loyal, high morals and good character. What most guys tend to do the minute they read this is that they right something back like they are a nice SWM who is attractive, honest and believe that the foundation of a good relationship is friendship.

Now that is really something you are NOT supposed to do. The fact is that these words have been written by a woman when she was at a lonely point in her life. However, this won’t change a thing when it comes to getting her to feel ATTRACTED to you. This is why responding with a generic, boring answer is NOT going to get her to fall for you.

Don’t do it.

Instead, practice the skills in the manual Cocky and Funny, which help you create a more interesting profile that ATTRACTS a woman rather than you doing the chase.

After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Using the Online Dating Success By Using Cocky Comedy Manual more will help you become more comfortable with the methods. This is actually the best way to stand out among all the other guys.

When a Woman Has a Boyfriend

So you are attracted to someone who currently has a boyfriend. When this is the case, it is time to play the waiting game. The manual Cocky and Funny tells you that every other month, when you ask her out for a drink �just between friends,’ you can go ahead and ask her whether or not she is still married. This will be guaranteed to elicit a laugh while at the same time letting you know whether or not a girl is still with her boyfriend. While waiting for the one you are attracted to, it won’t hurt for you to scout around the neighborhood and meet some of the women in your area who are single. You might even want to begin dating online.

Don’t Be the Jealous Type

There is no doubt about it, jealousy is pretty powerful. For women, it is also a turn off. What it does is that it emphasizes that you happen to be insecure. At the very least, it makes you look unsure about how attractive you actually are. In other words, being jealous tells women that maybe there is a reason you are jealous and that is because you are not as great as the other guy. Notorious for making a guy jealous, women know that guys work harder when they are. This is why you need to just shrug off any feelings of jealousy you have and make sure they are not apparent to the girl you are trying to attract. Instead, project confidence in every aspect. You might even want to go so far as to go out with other girls once in a while to show her how jealous you are NOT. This will make you VERY attractive to women and you might be surprised how they will begin to chase you rather than the other way around.

Getting a Few Online Dates

It’s true. The worst thing that could happen when you begin dating online is that you might just get a few dates online. Hey, you never know, that woman you thought was just a pretty cyber picture may just live a few blocks from you and actually be attracted to yov as well.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      14 months ago

      The first step is to know what your goal is.

      If all you're looking for is casual dating be honest with yourself.

      Secondly research online dating sites. They're not all "equal". If you know what type of person you want to meet you have to ask yourself would she be someone who would join this this site?

      Bear in mind there are also niche dating sites that are geared towards various demographics including age, religion, race..etc

      "A woman who likes dining out, music, yoga and working out won’t be too happy with someone who likes to eat in most of the time." - Very true!

      The goal for most serious daters is to find someone who shares their same values, wants the same things for the relationship that they do, naturally agree on how to obtain those things, and last but not least have a mutual depth of love and desire for one another. Compatibility trumps compromise.

      "A woman who believes that friendship is the basis of the best relationships will obviously want to be {friends} with you first."

      That's usually only true if she does not think (you) are "hot" or she doesn't immediately picture herself romantically attracted to you. If a woman believes you are "hot looking" she is not going to risk leaving you on the "open market" for very long.

      After all there is no such thing as being "exclusive friends".

      Not many women would put Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington in their "friend zone" before starting a relationship. Truth of the matter is it's hard to go from being "platonic friends" to lovers. Odds are you'll wind up spending time/money on dates only to find out she's decided all you can ever be to her is a "friend".

      Women are notorious for saying they "want" one type of man but are constantly pursuing men the complete opposite!

      If this weren't true no "bad boy" would ever have a woman.

      Just imagine a "player" reading a beautiful woman's profile that says, "No liars, cheaters, or players ." Do you really believe the guy is going to say: "Aw snap! She ain't got no love for the players! I guess I had better move on to the next profile."

      Also remember online dating is basically online shopping.

      People scan photos and then read profiles. This is especially true of young people. There are no "magic words" you can say to convince someone to go out with someone they consider ugly online. A great way to face rejection is aiming out of your league. Unless you're very successful don't pursue the hottest looking women if you're a fat average looking Joe.

      "Don't expect to sit next to the moon unless (you) are a star!"

      Last but not least don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

      Make sure you have multiple women as options to date. Odds are the one you're interested ins receiving daily messages from other suitors as well. Going out on two or three dates does not mean you're in an "exclusive relationship". As long as their profile remains "active" it means they're keeping their options open.

      You should too!


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