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Online dating websites- How reliable are they?

Updated on October 7, 2011

If you are still looking to the lonely hearts segment in the magazine in a bid to find the love of your life, I can guarantee you that you might be looking for a long long time without ever getting anyway close to a date leave alone a lasting relationship. The answer to finding a suitable spouse could be in signing up for an online dating website. I know there are many concerns that automatically flood your head when you hear online dating. So let me show you why you should not be too afraid of them.


When the concept of online dating began, the biggest concern was its lack of authenticity in the sense that one could easily post a fake profile which would deceive the other person. But that was in the times of limited technology. Today, things have changed. The internet match making services come with so much added functionalities like voice recognition, webcam enabled chatting and many other technologies that keep on being added as they are invented. Although it may not be 100% effective in establishing authentic relations, the possibility of being taken on a wild goose chase has greatly been sheared down thanks to technological advancement.

Tech savvy Cupid

Most internet match making websites are today taking a segmentation approach. For instance, we have websites based on religion e.g.,, etc based on age groups e.g., based on political affiliations e.g. and even based on pets one likes e.g. This enables you to choose the website that best identifies with what you are looking for in a partner and once you join, it will be a community that you will identify with easily.

For instance, let’s say you are a devout catholic. The best place to look for other Catholics would be The site will need you to have your own “quiztique” which is a phrase coined by to refer to a kind of a quiz that your connections take before you allow them to connect to you. Basing on the answers you provide, you will start meeting connections and who knows where it could end? What if you are not catholic? Then don’t join that one! There are many other websites out there based on religion or other societal stratification. A simple Google search will give you what you are looking for. You can refer to my guide on how to get quality results from a search engine.

Scientific approach

What I like about most online dating sites I have looked at is the scientific approach they use in match making. The concept was first introduced at The users are required to fill a questionnaire which is then subjected to an algorithm built especially for matching purposes. These algorithms are built following extensive research on the chemistries involved in relationships and they are deemed to be very useful in filtering out the potential partners until a user has the best choice left from the many available options.

Most online dating websites are built to search, to match or to perform a combination of both. If I was to use the traditional forms like say, post an ad in a magazine, there would be no way of benefiting from what a website can offer in terms of searching and matching. The indexing tools come in handy in the searching process where as the scientifically designed algorithms come in handy in the matching process.

The search is geared towards establishing the availability of a suitable person whereas the match function is geared at establishing whether the available person is compatible with the person to be matched to. One of the ways some online match making companies achieve this is having their users feel out a questionnaire with such segments as “must have” or “I can live with”. This makes it possible to get the person that most represents what one is looking for in a partner.

The beauty of using online matching services is the fact that one has control of the entire process. The features on the match making websites allow one to keep track of the entire matching process. You can be able to tell if you have people interested in you and basing on that, make the necessary amendments to your profile. You can interact with you profile and continue meeting people online until you eventually get the “right one”

The other notable factor is the depth of knowledge you will possible get online than if it were a face to face setup. When online, one would most likely be free to share more of his/her information without having to worry about how the other party will react or respond to it. If one of the parties is shy, then shyness will not hinder them since the other person is actually not physically present.

What about the cost?

The best thing about online dating is that it is friendly for your wallet especially in the initial stages of the dating. Let’s say you are convinced that you have an equal opportunity to have a son that will be the next Obama. So you hook up with someone from Kenya. Naturally, it would have been very expensive to correspond with someone from the other part of the world but the internet makes it inexpensive both in time as well as in monetary terms. The website will often have such features as live chatting and video and voice functionalities that would make the virtual experience appear almost real.

In addition, most internet matching websites come with the versatility of periodic signups. This means that you can sign up for a month or for a season after which you will be signed out. This is good since it means that you won’t continue receiving flirting messages in your inbox once you have gotten the partner you were looking for. “And what if I was not successful and my signup period is over?" Well, You can always sign up again.Or you can try to use social websites like Facebook...but that is a story for another day


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    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

      Thanks Lyns for reading and leaving your valuable comments. Am glad you enjoyed and found it helpful

    • lyns profile image

      lyns 6 years ago from USA

      Awesome, I see you have done your research on this one I always thought in the U.S. that online dating was dangerous because of some of the things you here but actually it's safe because the individual as you stated actual has control very good hub, I gave it a thumbs up, awesome interesting useful, thanks for sharing very well written and very easy to follow makes so much sense too.