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Places Tools Work -- YAHOO!

Updated on November 26, 2009

Oh my god do Yahoo's writers know how to tool it up.

Holy lord, man.

One toolish top story after another from these people.

First -- the top 5 men to avoid.

It was a pretty fair assessment of our lazy selves. Problem is...the internet population is about 4565% these very guys.

Guys found the article funny. Their moms, who all check their own e-mail through yahoo!, didn't find it funny at all.

Turns out they've got faschists who write their copy for them.

I try to stray from political debates. I'm as mad at Democrats for proving to have a vision that was 1% that of any of ours. The fact is, most Democrats would side with Republicans when it comes to actual Democrats. But the election of Barack Obama signifies a wondorous moment in time. All American history textbooks have finally finally finally been offered an upbeat ending. But Barack Obama is HATED by Yahoo, and it would figure. Because only tools hate Barack Obama.

YAHOO makes it national and IMPORTANT news...that some people out there don't trust Obama due to him using words that seem to appear in alot of his programs and speeches This is not news. This is an opinion. It is not Yahoo's job to take old wives tales and urban legends and conspiracy theories that there's oral sex in the movie Aladdin and present them as facts. I'm of the opinion that pimple-popping is the new bubble wrap..Maybe I should alert the newsdesk at Yahoo.

Yahoo!'s journalistic intelligentsia, then, go onto to open each article like it's a tweet.

"It became evident to me and I was in the bathroom this morning that Citrus is in all of our diets..."


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