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The Perfect Gift for One and All

Updated on May 5, 2015

I received an unwrapped package, underneath my Christmas tree

The paper was torn, the box was open, tagged From: You ~ To: Me

When I looked into the box, there was nothing to be seen

I looked again, at closer range and saw what could have been

It was our dreams, our hopes, our goals made on a starry night

Where have they gone, are they gone? Who turned out the light?

I reached into the boxs' corners and felt something was still there

It was our love, our promise of hearts, I took it out with care

What I held inside my hand, was warm and dimly lit

I was amazed at the tiny structure, how strong and perfectly fit !

Sparks began to ignite upon my palm, like fireworks on the 4th of July

Our love appeared more precious than any wealth could ever buy

I put our love back in the box, sealed, wrapped and tied it with a bow

As I placed the package back beneath the tree, it began to grow

When you awake this Christmas morning and look beneath the tree.

You'll see the Hugest gift of all tagged To: You ~ From: Me

Once the bow is taken off, the rest will come undone

Releasing a luminous light of many colors and brighter than the sun

The fragments look familiar, colorful and bright

They were our hopes and dreams, made on a starry night

Our love had made them stronger, brighter and within our reach

We felt all warm and fuzzy ~ kinda like a peach

So, on this Christmas morning, a gift was given back

To both of us, from Love itself, to keep our souls on track

To know that if we hold onto love, all else will fall in place

And if we don't, our hopes and dreams diminish to a trace


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