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Where To Buy A Replica Princess Diana Ring

Updated on November 18, 2010

Princess to be Kate Middleton proudly wears the diamond encircled sapphire ring that was given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles. The most recent Royal engagement has sparked interest around the globe, with hermits being yanked out from under their rocks to be informed by well meaning friends and family that William now intends to marry Kate. The ring with which he proposed was, of course, the same ring his mother wore. It was a sweet gesture to use the ring to propose, a guesture which the Prince said was to ensure that Diana was not left out of the moment. Aw.

Slightly less adorable was the instant demand for replicas of the aforementioned ring. Strangely enough, nobody seemed to want it all that much prior to William proposing to Kate Middleton, so this writer can only imagine that the many, many knock offs or 'replicas' that are now being manufactured will be purchased by people who are going to pretend that they are marrying Prince William. There's nothing wrong with that, why should we stop playing pretend just because we're long past the first bloom of youth and already married to someone in accounting or marketing or advertising or some other 'ing' profession.

So, where can you get your hands on a replica sapphire engagement ring? Well, there are plenty of places producing knock offs at a speed approaching light itself.

Diana Ring is one such place, which advertises its services with the following charming tale of wide eyed greed: Diana, Princess of Wales, selected her $63,000 sterling silver diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring from a tray because "it was the biggest." And 19 years later, her son Prince William places his mother's ring on his betrothed, Kate Middleton. Now you can recapture the magic moment when Diana became Princess of Wales, and Kate will soon become a Princess with a meticulously crafted reproduction of Diana's engagement ring in solid sterling silver, same as the original, with dazzling CZ diamonds (over 3 carats) and 9-carat crystal sapphire.The website urges people to refrain from purchasing 'cheap' replicas, but you can purchase a 'quality' replica there for just $74.95!

EBay is obviously going to be another popular venue for buying replicas of the now famous ring, rejuvenated long after the Princess' death by the love of her son.

Jewelers around the USA and UK are currently being flooded with requests for replicas of the ring, which says something, probably that people are still enchanted by simple love stories involving charming young Princes, passed on Queens of Hearts and a new generation of Royal blood.


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