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I Found My Old Sweetheart on Facebook

Updated on January 13, 2020
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Linda writes articles on a variety of genre's; poetry, recipes, mental health, health & wellness and personal stories about her life.

Hanging out on Lake Minnetonka

Hanging Out with the Bloomington Boys at my Childhood Home on Lake Minnetonka
Hanging Out with the Bloomington Boys at my Childhood Home on Lake Minnetonka | Source

Celebs that Married their High School Sweethearts

According to, Here are 10 Celebrities that married their highschool sweethearts:

  • Snoop Dog
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Facebook Reunites Old Friends

I feel like a giddy young girl now that I'm back in touch with an old flame and the rest of the Bloomington boys. I have to thank face book for the re-connection. I'm personally not on face book, but luckily, Tom found us through my sister Laura, who is.

I met Tom and the rest of his buddies back in I eighth grade. It all started when my sister Laura and our buddy Lynn, went to a Kick's soccer game one weekend. They went with Lynn's parents, so meeting and hanging out with these new friends was a safe and comfortable way to meet. They hit it off so well with these guys that they invited them out to our home on Lake Minnetonka-and the rest as they say, is history.

Let Me Introduce You

There were four guys that made up the 'Bloomington Boys'. Randy-a risk-taker and handsome boy who was a huge flirt. Ron- a kind and good looking redhead who was very grounded for his age. Poor guy ended up doing all the driving because the rest of us were too young to have a drivers license. Tom- super cute and totally my type. He was the one who stole my heart. He was sweet, a little shy, and a perfect gentleman. Last but not least, there was Mike, Tom's older brother. He was also quiet and not rowdy like many of us in the group.

Minnetonka Girls Meet Bloomington Boys

The boys hailed from Bloomington, Minnesota which was about 25-30 minutes from our house. We nicknamed them 'B Squared' for 'Bloomington Boys'. They nicknamed us the 'Minnetonka Girls'. From the moment we met, we felt an instant connection and spent most weekends together.

Coupling Up

As young people do, we all coupled up with someone in the group. I was dating Tom, Lynn was dating Mike, and my sister Laura, well- she had a crush on Randy and Ron but never officially dated either of them. She had a blast flirting with both guys.

Drifting Apart but Reconnecting because of Face Book

The Bloomington Boys and Minnetonka Girls drifted apart over the years. It's a blessing were back in touch because of Tom finding us on face book. It feels great having the gang back in contact.

Tom and I have been connecting through email while Laura and Tom keep in touch on Face Book. It's amazing how much there is to talk about after so many years of disconnection. I feel like there was a missing piece of a puzzle in my life which has now been put back. There is something so sacred about a relationship that's forged at a young age. We'll always have great memories from the old days, hanging out on the lake with our Bloomington Boys.

The Bloomington Boys are Happily Married with Children

It pleases me to say that all our guys are happily married with children. Three out of four of them still live in Minnesota. Tom and his wife moved to Arizona thirteen years ago for job opportunities. It feels good to know that their all happy, healthy and doing well.

The Bloomington Boys will always have a huge place in my heart. I am so grateful we met these nice guys at such a critical age. Looking back, I can see how good we were for each other. Although we haven't seen them in person for many years, this special friendship will always hold a special place in my heart.

Lake Minnetonka

Sunset on Lake Minnetonka
Sunset on Lake Minnetonka | Source

Have you Reconnected with Old Friends

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