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Recovering Singles Dating Sites

Updated on January 28, 2011

Before getting to the sites, I’d like to first mention that these sites cater to all singles in recovery, whether they be recovering from addiction, alcoholism or something else. If you’re a single man or woman who is specifically seeking a single sober man or woman, please take a look at this article on Sober Singles Dating Sites. For everyone else, these sites I’m about to list are full of recovering singles who may class themselves as addicts, alcoholics or both. Recovering from any addiction can be a right nightmare, and while it’s not recommend that those in recovery get involved in relationships during the early stage of sobriety, once one has their life under control, it needn’t be a solo life. Some are fortunate enough to find local recovering single men and women for dating and more, but others have a limited selection that can lead to great loneliness. Thanks to internet dating, this no longer needs to be the case and I encourage those who are ready to have a look at these sites for recovering singles.

Recovering Mates is a pretty popular site for recovering singles. Members can email anonymously, wave to other members if they prefer, make use of the profile matches and compatibility charts, and search for people by keywords. The site is user friendly and the flirty “wave” option is free for a limited time after signing up.

12 Step Match is another dating site for those in recovery. They say that it’s actually open to anyone in any 12 Step Program (Gambler’s Anon, Al-Anon, OA, etc.) so you could potentially meet and fall in love with someone with a completely different background, but, then again, that might be exactly what you want. The site is completely free and you can search profiles, join group chats or make your own, participate in the forums, instant message other recovering singles, and much more.

Keep It Simple Dating is obviously a take on Keep It Simple Stupid and this recovering singles site is free to register with. Free members can do things like upload pics and create a singles profile, but making use of the better features will require joining up as a paid member. But you needn’t rush into signing on straight away, because Keep It Simple offers a free 7 day trial during which you can test all the bells and whistles and see if you want to continue on once its over.


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