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Relationships and meditation

Updated on June 5, 2011

Role of meditation in relationships

Great thinker of 20th century U. G. Krishnamurti said, "It is terror, not love, not brotherhood that will help us to live together. Until this message percolates to the level of human consciousness, I don't think there is any hope." THINK! Why he is telling like this? Even Buddha leave his family. In my whole life I come across very few families where there is not a serious conflict between partners.The institution of marriage is breaking apart.

The reason is insecurity, ego, stress of modern life, doubt, financial problems, ambitions etc. These are all superficial signs, but basic reason is lack of self knowledge. When you will know who you really are then you will not become psychologically dependent on other person, then there will be peace in relationships. Otherwise you will only suck and use your partner. That's why meditation is necessary to have a peaceful relationships. If you are comfortable and happy with yourself only then you can give comfort and happiness to others.

Why there is conflict in families?

So what is the basis of conflict between partners? We are living in a dreamy state. 95% problems between families are just created by this kind of dreamy state. It is imagination, doubt, hurt, jealousy, anger, call it anything but it is born in the mind. When the mind is disordered the relationships are disordered.

Mind should be clear and transparent. Otherwise you become victim of your own mind. Then there is misunderstanding and chaos. We are living in the past. We store hurts and insults. And from this memory we create future events.

Each one is perusing his own goals. There are complaining over small things and nagging. There are unfulfilled desires and never fulfilling expectations.

Photo credit: Flickr user Moyan Brenn
Photo credit: Flickr user Moyan Brenn | Source

How to look into the mirror of relationship

So, we don't know ourselves, we are running from ourselves, clinging to others. This is our love affairs and marriages. Within few days when the freshness is over and we become familiar with each other we lose interest and become irritate with the same person. Their was NO LOVE in the first place. It was just chemistry. We think the choice was wrong. It is not so, your mind deceived you.

A meditative person who is watchful and observing the mind will never become a victim of his own mind. If you meditate regularly, and clean your memory from hurtful and negative thoughts your relationships will automatically become peaceful and happy. You can find below links to my other hubs about meditation and living in the present moment.


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