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Romantic Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Updated on February 10, 2013

Better than candy.... Delectable Chocolate Covered Strawberries


When buying a Valentine's Day card or gift for a loved one, do you...

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Are you looking for a romantic gift...

It’s January and already a few romantic souls are wondering what to give their sweethearts for Valentine’s Day.

The question asked was if they should get flowers or something else. As a wife, I never expected flowers for Valentine’s Day because the price always went sky high in February, plus they always fade so quickly. So if you think you really need to give some, to me one rose is very romantic when it has baby breath to dress it up. If you really haven’t picked up on any ideas from your girlfriend or wife, jewelry is a standby that will usually make her smile if you know her taste. Does she like to wear simple and elegant styled jewelry or is she the type that likes lots of Bling? Pearls were my favorite, but each girl is different.

If you think you know your sweetheart fairly well, I would suggest giving a memory making moment, hopefully something the two of you can do together. One that I would love is a hot air balloon ride, but then I tend to like a little adventure. You could also give a relaxing evening with side by side in home massages, or a weekend at a bed & breakfast. Breakfast in bed is always a nice romantic way to start the day for your sweetheart along with that lipstick note on the bathroom mirror.

I have also planned ahead and made little "I love you" notes stating different reasons why and left them all over the house, to be found throughout the day. My sweetheart was also very surprised when they discovered that their car had been filled with balloons while they were at work. I have also UPSed a big heart shaped mylar balloon to that someone special.

One gift I always longed for was to have a couple of coupon for cleaning crew to come in for those busy holidays when you know company will be coming such as for kids bday parties, or Thanksgiving or Christmas. Some other gifts that I loved getting, since I’m a gadget girl, were my ereader, my phone for mother’s day and especially my laptop.

Guys are usually good with gadgets or tools too. The key is observing and listening to comments about what they wished they had while they are fixing things or working on special projects or involved with that hobby they love. You could splurge for a golf membership or a vacation to a golf resort or make it as simple as a very romantic evening at their favorite restaurant with a little slow dancing to set the mood.

The key is devoting time to make that person feel very special to you. Show you love them by planning ahead and not just stopping at the store on Valentine’s Day to grab a card and a sad looking left over flower bouquet.

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