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(SURPRISING) The Top 10 Things Women Should Know Before Getting Involved In A Relationship

Updated on May 20, 2012
Don't Be Down And Out Any Longer. There is Still Hope.
Don't Be Down And Out Any Longer. There is Still Hope.

Do every relationship that you seem to encounter always turn out to be a waste of your time and you don't know why but all you do know is that its just clearly doesn't ever work out for you?! Well ladies, never worry about having another failed relationship again because after you have done reading my top ten list (and truly follow them) you will be an expert when it comes to relationships. So you can now have that perfect(well almost perfect, because nothing is perfect) relationship that you have always wanted.

1. Never give up your goods so early that a man can’t determine if he truly wants to be with you are not. If a man waits for you it shows that he actually cares for you. And when that time do come for you guys to get intimacy it wouldn’t become as if that was the only thing he would have wanted you for he will just find it as something extra that he loves you for.

2. Don’t dress to revealing you will want to save something for a mystery. Now I’m not saying to put on overly dress clothing that is not fit for your age group but you will want to have a little bit of sexiness, mixed with some sophistication all the while maintaining the elegant look. (men loves this) Remember don’t overdo the makeup no man wants an overly done clown by his side. (Remember just because your favorite celebrities were it doesn’t always mean it’s a good look, be as natural as possible.)

3. Never act to clingy. In a relationship you need to show that man that you are independent and that you are not afraid to hold your own. Even though he may buy you this or give you that you need to show that you are more than capable of getting whatever your heart may desire. When some men see that you are so dependent on them they may start to treat you any type of way from cheating to just plain right out disrespecting you because they figure you need them. This leads me into my next one…..

4. Sometimes you will hear a man talk about how he loves an independent female and that he can’t be in a relationship with a girl that doesn’t have her own. Now this can be all good and dandy but it can also mean that he is looking to live off of you. Ladies it is real good to be establish on your own but when you’re looking to begin a relationship you need to make sure that you male companion can match you or at least has somewhat more than you so that he can’t get over on you or live off of you.

5. When you first get into a relationship you need to go ahead and set boundaries of what is going to be allowed and what is not. A man will only do what you will allow him to do. Example if you know that you don’t like a certain time that your man comes in the house you need to go ahead and discuss that with him. Don’t wait further down the line and then try to discuss it with him because than he will be like you know I’ve been doing this from the first start. You can't change a man of what you have allowed him to do in the beginning of the relationship so if you wait to long than it will be far gone to change him. Put your foot down early but do it in a nice respectable way let him know what you approve of and what’s not approve. Believe me if you do this when the relationship is just starting out you will see that you want have as much problems later on in the relationship.

6. IMPORTANT: Never let yourself go after you have had a baby. Never get to comfortable into thinking just because you guys had a baby that he will stay with you. Keep yourself up. Cause what your baby father might not want the next man will treasure it!

7. When you are first starting off in a relationship if that man say that he is married and is going to leave his wife. DON’T FALL FOR IT, LEAVE HIM AND MOVE ON. For one he is never going to leave his wife if he has already started dating while he is married. He is simply looking to have his cake and eat it too. If he does it to her than yes of course he will do it to you. Never settle for less of being someone’s second because to him believe it or not it says a lot about you!

8. If you guys have been talking for sometimes now and you have never meet at least a family member preferably his mother than his attention is not to be with you.

9. When you first start talking to a man in a relationship always ask what happen to his previous one if he mentioned that he cheated don’t count him out just yet because some people can change but if he tells you that he cheated in his previous relationship with his girlfriend’s mother, sister, or the best friend than you might want to reconsider him cause it says a whole lot about his character.

10. You must love yourself before you go into any relationship. If you’re self esteem is low simply gain some because a healthy relationship starts with you and if you don’t love yourself and have low self esteem you are more likely to let a man run over you because you are trying to keep him because you are more likely afraid of being alone. Now I’m not saying to act stuck up but act like the woman that you ought to be with high self confidence, smart, elegance, while still holding down your own.


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      WTF does this mean? 4 years ago

      Do every relationship that you seem to encounter always turn out to be a waste of your time and you don't know why but all you do know is that its just clearly doesn't ever work out for you?!