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Seduce Him Tonight

Updated on March 2, 2014

Seduce Him Tonight

The answers to romance and compatibility are believed by many to exist within the powers of astrology, giving zodiac signs a role as well. Knowing a man's zodiac sign can help gain insight on any mysteries about his personality, likes, dislikes, and romantic desires as well. Knowing his zodiac sign can help when it comes to the art of seduction.

Aries men want what they cannot have, and will fight to have what they want.Playing "hard to get" is the best way to get the attention of an Aries man. They long to be the "knight in shining armor" for the lady they love, and the thrill of the chase is more exciting than the actual catch. Once caught, the tricky part is keeping him interested. He is attracted to a woman who speaks her mind and doesn't allow herself to be dominated. 

What's His Sign?

Taurus men prefer a financially responsible woman who is loyal to her man. . A candlelight dinner, a glass of wine, and some sexy attire is sure to get his undivided attention. A sensual massage and plenty of sexy, fun foreplay can get a Taurus charging with someone he feels is equally devoted to him as he is his to one true love.

Gemini men are hard to hold onto, and cannot be forced into commitment. He needs mental stimulation and variety in bed, as well as someone to keep things simple, laugh at his jokes, and give him his time alone.

Cancer men are sensitive, caring, and a tender lovers. They long for love that makes them feel safe and secure. When he trusts in a companion and feels safe, he will be forever devoted to them.

Leo men need to feel like the "King of His Castle", and will lavish the woman he loves with gifts and generosity as long as she seems truly appreciative. Compliment his appearance, and Never embarrass a Leo man in public, and compliment his appearance. He will be overcome with a woman once he gains her respect, admiration, and devotion.

A Virgo man loves things to be neat, clean, and orderly. He is health conscious and appreciates a woman who treats her body like a temple as well. He does not like surprises due to his fear of the unknown, needs to know what is going on around him as well as what will happen in the bedroom. Do not be shy, he wants to know his lover's deepest wishes and desires, and wants to know what her bedroom plans are, as long as she keeps any promises made!

What Attracts Him

Libra men enjoy fancy dinners with a beautiful woman on his arm. They appreciate the beautiful things in life and will seldom "settle" for someone who is not physically attractive to him or his friends and colleagues. Libra men want love, commitment, and marriage. He's not just looking for casual sex, he's looking for his soulmate.

Scorpio men need to be in control. Just once look into his intense, seductive stare and he will have you eating out of the palm of his hand. Bare the soul, and everything else, to get a Scorpio man really hot! Do not hold back in the bedroom because he is looking for his ultimate sexual partner.

Sagittarius men are looking for the meaning of life, and a perfect companion to share his love of adventure and traveling.He wants to go skydiving, travel the world, and climb Mt. Everest. He needs something to believe in, so respect his need for freedom, and respect his opinions.

Capricorn men have a need for control, so do not question his authority or any rules he sets forth. He is ambitious and desires a woman that is mature and responsible. She needs to be a practical woman with traditional values.

Pisces men are passionate and creative. He likes a mate that can inspire and innovate him and share his love of many things including music and animals.


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    • scarlton profile imageAUTHOR

      Shana Hurt 

      5 years ago from Boonville

      Thank you for pointing that out so I could correct my mistake. :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      missing pisce, the fish


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