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Seven Jokes to Pull on Your Wife to Put That Spice Back Into Your Marriage

Updated on July 3, 2016
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.


Does this photo remind you of you and your wife?

It should. This is how you looked, guys, on that one day that changed your life forever. This was "the" day that you took your lovely fiance to be your companion to love, hold, and cherish through sickness and health, for better or worse . . .hold it. I am not a minister. This sounds much like the wedding vows.

This piece is soon-to-be a classic hub. Not that I am a egotistical guy. It's just that when I find something that works, I promote it. So married guys, if you have been married a number of years and somehow your marriage has fallen into a boring rut (not because of your lovely wife), it might be time for you to bring out that care-free, dare-devil, happy-go-lucky guy that she fell in love with a few years ago.

A happy-go-lucky guy
A happy-go-lucky guy | Source


Don't panic, guys. This is not rocket science. So just relax. Just take some time to get yourself prepared for what might turn out to be the best medicine for your boring marriage. And again, this is not the fault of your lovely wife.

Things you must do

  • Research your best practical jokes and choose the ones that your wife loved when you were first dating.
  • Make sure that you can keep a straight face while doing these things or asking questions on this hub for if you look like you are going to laugh, you can forget changing your marriage.
  • Get some alone time and meditate on just the right time, place and joke to execute. This is not a frat party, but a highly-sensitive area you are dealing with. That is if you consider your marriage a sensitive area.
  • Build up your self-confidence if you have lost that certain edge that your wife loved while you two were dating.

Now that you have prepared yourself for a better marriage, take a look at these . . .

Seven Jokes to Pull on Your Wife to Help Put The Spice Back in Your Marriage

Faces of guys with dare-devil spirits to pull clean pranks on their wives


7.) "Let's Have a Cook-In"

This is the last of the seven great jokes you can pull on your wife to show her that you have still got that lively spirit that she loved before you were married. Just wheel that portable barbecue grill inside your house or apartment and with a straight face say, "Honey, I am so tired of society telling us what to call things, so today we are going to have a cook-in." Then start to fire-up the grill as if that were the thing to do, but I promise you that your wife will be so stunned by your "new" attitude that she will not feel like scolding you.

6.) You Can Be a Doctor

This is the most-sincere joke you can play on your wife. But you have to have perfect timing in order for it to work. Wait until she is totally relaxed and resting from her work. Then say to her completely out of the blue, "Sweetie, are you sick?" Guys, your sudden concern for her well-being will shock even you who now is fighting back the laughter. When you reveal that this is a joke, she will be so relieved that she will love you like she did when you met her.

5.) These Shoes Won't Fit

When you and the wife are planning a night out, wait until she is dressed and waiting for you to pull this ingenious prank. Simply sneak into her closet and put on a pair of her high heels and walk into the living room and complain about the heels not fitting you. She will laugh until she cries and the spice you once had in your marriage will return.

4.) The Staring Contest

One night when you two retire to bed and after your good night's are said, you just wait for her to almost doze off and slide closer to her and simply gaze at her face and yes, let her feel your breath on her skin. She will probably exclaim, "What are you doing?" To which you reply, "Just remembering how really beautiful you are." Don't be shocked if you get a long night of passion for this gesture.

3.) The Weight Expert

Pulling this prank is not wise for the newlywed couple. But it is perfect for the mature couple. This prank will work only if the timing is right. One night when conversation is slow, just look at her and ask, "Are you dieting?" After she replies no. You tell her (with a straight face of course) about (a) "Sally Jean," at your workplace who is dieting and has lost over 20 pounds on a diet called "The Lemon and Vinegar Diet." Now your wife is growing angry at you paying so much attention to "Sally Jean," but before she pops her cork, you sting her with the information that this is just a joke.

2.) Sleepy Time Hubby

This prank is well-suited for the couple who are able to take a joke from each other. When you are traveling to have dinner with her parents and she is driving, you suddenly take a notion to fall asleep and let your head rest on the passenger side window. She will of course ask if you are sick or what is wrong several wrong several times, but when the time is right, you jump at her and say "Gotcha, hun-eee!" It will be like old times for you and the wife.

1.) Personality Change

This is the prank for the more-liberal couples. One evening after dinner, you sneak away from your wife who is reading or watching television and after a few moments, her curiosity will lead her to find out where you are. When she finds you carefully looking through her closet and admiring her dresses and other items of clothing, she will probably ask you, "Dear, is there something you need to tell me?" All you have to do to drive the prank home is look serious and reply, "Well, dear. I was wondering lately how it would feel for me to be a woman." But you must keep a poker face when this line is delivered. After a few minutes of disgust or shock, you can deliver whatever line to her that tells her that you are only joking.

"I not only wish you all a happy, exciting marriage by using these innocent pranks, but also a safe and happy Fourth of July and my sincere thanks to all of our brave veterans and their families who have paid the ultimate price of sacrificing themselves to keep our country free."

And a good night to Lincoln, Nebraska.

"For reading this and all of my hubs!"

Guys, a happy marriage is what you always need to help build with your wife
Guys, a happy marriage is what you always need to help build with your wife | Source

© 2016 Kenneth Avery


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I'm not so sure this would work? It might be the seven questions that will help her in divorce court. lol


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