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Sex vs Love making

Updated on December 9, 2013

Sex vs Making love

I’m pretty sure we all have done both and should know the difference. Some, well most people have their own opinions on which is which. But to both are important. Now the level of importance is up to the couple. Both have there place and both can be good as well as both can be bad. Yeah, there's nothing like bad sex. The most important thing regardless of which one you do is communication. Well and safety. As long as there is an understanding between you and your partner and certain expectations are expressed then you should be okay. Traditionally men like sex and women like to make love. Yet another difference between the sexes. Not all men and women are this way but over all that's the way it goes. Like I said everyone has their own opinions and these are mine. I am almost sure that there will be some objections, or maybe not I think I nailed it. Well here they are the differences between sex and making love.


Sex = (physical/sexual gratification + lust) - (emotional intimacy + spiritual connection + taking time)

"Sex" aka wham bam thank you ma’am, is usually two people with no emotions but pure attraction that just go for it. Sex, is pretty much satisfying urges and is based solely on physical attraction, lust and being aroused. There is very little connection if any with the partner. A lot of times the partner doesn't even matter, and the purpose is for pleasure only. Sex/ Lust are mainly for self satisfaction with little to no focus on the other person. Orgasm is the sole objective.

Making Love

(sexual/physical gratification + love + emotional and spiritual connection and intimacy) + (lust) + (taking time to please your partner + tenderness and care + undivided attention while doing the act)

“Making Love” consists of mainly intimacy. Intimacy, is special, it's letting go to some degree and being together for a while as one, communicating, it's letting go of every single inhibition, showing you to the world, in which case feeling beautiful in every action, moment, no fear. Making love embraces the connection between the two participants and enhances the experience.

Making love can be a lengthy activity that starts early in the day with activities that set the mood for the rest of the day. Sex just happens, arousal, penetration, orgasm.

This is the totality of a beautiful relationship or is it? It can also be pure chemistry to start with and trust of the partner, and feeling very beautiful/sexy and for the guy feeling very much like a "real man" in which case, it's still chemistry with trust but can be very intimate as well.... but with a women there is usually emotions attached, with that trust and that being, that it is, or becomes a relationship.. Not so... Some, "chemistry relationships" are just that, the partner does not what to know whom you are, where you are heading, it's pure chemistry, what ever they heard/learned from the inset was not to their liking, their beliefs and so they go with chemistry only.....

You can make love, and be deep and feel all sorts, through chemistry...

Making love is "trust" and in that, you can let your inhibitions run wild and be you....

Which is better?

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