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Short Time Hotels

Updated on July 16, 2011

Short Time Hotels

The Short Time Hotel is a valuable additional arm of the standard hotel and guesthouse scene. Though quite rare within the West they are widespread within Asia and especially so within 'bar' areas. The main obvious use is for conducting short term sexual liasons with Bar Girls or Prostitutes.

Short Time Hotels are built around a rapid turnaround 'pleasure' market. As such they are required to be reasonably priced, discreet and clean. I have found that in general that Short Time Hotel bedrooms are cleaner by far than those in your average hotel and this would include some with four star rating.

Usually the rooms offer only the most basic facilities. An ensuite room with a clean bed, clean towels, soap, condoms and a TV with a few Porn Channels. All quite straightforward. But the room will be more soundproofed than most and it will be the cleanliness that strikes the first time visitor.

The distinction has to be made between hotels which will offer rooms for 'short time' and the Short Time hotel. They are quite different. The hotel that turns a blind eye to its rooms being used for prostitution  is not the same as one which has been purposely designed.

Short Time Hotels are very discreet. Some take this to such an extreme that the client and the hotel staff never see each other. Though casual 'foot' or taxi trade is not unusual many Short Time Hotels are built as 'Drive In' facilities.

Why Would Anyone Want To Use A Short Time Hotel Room

  • It could actually save you money. Many standard Hotels expect you to pay a half or full day rate if you leave after the noon checkout time. If you have six hours to wait for say, your flight or bus, it would be economical to check into a Short Time Hotel.
  • During a city tourist trail the streets can be very tiring. A couple of hours nap in a clean room and a warm shower may be just what you need. Time and costwise it could be cheaper than you heading all the way back to your hotel and then back again to where you left off.
  • During a standard 'love' encounter you may well not want your temporary partner to know where you really live or are staying. Although blackmail is rare it is a possibility and besides you may have her/him calling at your abode long after your interest has moved on.
  • In a Short Time Room you are not likely to have all of your possessions. Much less chance then of having your valuables stolen by someone you have only just met. Many Short Time Rooms have personal safes as well.
  • Although the hotel you are resident at may be 'girl friendly' it could be that you don't want the hotel staff to know what you are getting up to. The Short Time fills the need.
  • You may not be travelling alone! Your hotel room may be occupied by your full time partner. They would not be too pleased if you used it for a Rent A Date.

How To Find A Short Time Hotel

Finding a Short Time Hotel is usually quite easy. Some chains like Hotel Sogo in Manila make no secret of their hourly rates and emphasise their cleanliness. The best bet though is to ask a taxi driver or the person you have just picked up. Within Bar areas some of these places may not be advertised. They are Hotel No Name hidden away somewhere.

The 'Drive In' variety will usually be steps leading up from a garage you park in. The car is hidden away. Though you may be seen when you pay your bill, your partner will not be. 

Standard Procedure

You arrive at your Short Term Hotel of choice. You may have to wait. At weekends there is a steady turnaround. Although rooms are normally rented out at a two hour minimum few people will stick out the full time allowance.

Generally you will be offered a choice of rooms at a range of prices. The more you pay the more you get. In general this will mean mirrored walls leading up to and including mirrored ceilings. Some others though may have bigger beds, whirlpool baths, saunas, video choice and more. I have even heard of poles for pole dancing.

If you are in a queue you will be given a number and a discreet place to wait. Someone will collect you when your room is ready.

Even if you have never played away before...a visit to a Short Time Hotel with your regular or marriage partner may be fun. Give it a try. Good, cheap, clean fun.


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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

    You are right they can be very cheap indeed. I have stayed in some that are spotlessly clean but others that were a bit grubby....but normal hotels can be too.

  • travel_man1971 profile image

    Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

    I happened to stay at a short-time hotel here in Naga City, Bicol, Philippines twice, while researching for my hub on Hot Spring in Albay and my write-up regarding local hotels.

    It's very cheap that I only spent $5 dollars for a night.