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Sex For Sale

Updated on September 20, 2009

Volvo and sex. Simple and subtle.

Sex in Advertising

Sex is everywhere in advertising. Sex in advertising is controversial and attracts comments and complaints... but sex sells. Sex sells cars, chocolate, beer, clothes, condominiums, toilet paper, ice cream, soap powder and condoms. There does not appear to be anything that sex cannot sell. So common is sex in advertising today that people totally accept it. An advert that does not have a sexual slant gets a second look. One that does though will get a third. No one can deny that using sex to sell is clever, it appeals to our baser instincts.

There are companies marketing Stag and Hen nights making a fortune. It may be a few days holiday. It may be food, drink and fun but it is sex too! It is the sex that sells. It has become almost a tribal rite. The normally 'respectable' are expected to let their hair down and do things that are totally out of character (so often regretted later).

Sex is of course used to sell hotels and holidays. Take a look at the adverts. This does not refer to the obvious Sex Tourism market but the family holiday too. Some countries have a much more liberal attitude than others. You should not be surprised that the visitors from the countries with the most severe and jaundiced views of sex form a very large percentage of the visitors to the liberal countries.

Massage Parlours and sex have more or less become synonymous with each other. That is not to say that there are excellent bona fide masseuse out there but legal issues over trades such as prostitution have made it easier for the working girl or Rent a Date to offer a massage, with a wink and so sidestep the law. With some types of massage like the Soapy Massage or Oil Massage then there is rarely any question about what is available. It is sex even if the choice is made for no sex to take place.

Sex in advertising

The Sale of Virginity

The sale of virginity is not new. Virginity has been used both as a lure and a bargaining chip since the dawn of time. The vanity of the male, the need to be first, to gain 'power' or whatever delusion you care to choose. The Cherry Girls of the world often come out as winners if they commanded the right price. More recently virginity has been autioned on the internet. A 22 year old US citizen Natalie Dyan reputedly sold hers for $3.7 million. An 18 year old Romanion girl, Alina Percea sold hers for a paltry £10,050. A Bristol based lesbian sold hers for £8,400. A man who tried the same thing had a highest bid of £3.57! Such internet auctions always generate a lot of interest. It is sex for sale! It is prostitution!

It does though expose an existing though not fully tapped market. The right eighteen year old girl, the right bidder and with the right investment she may never need to work again. Virginty belongs to no-one else, it belongs to the person. It is their right to sell or give rather like blood or a kidney,


It would seem that the working Prostitute is the exact opposite of the virgin. Probably is too but the moment the virgin sells herself the distinction disappears in the puff of a hymen. I mean what is the difference between a girl selling herself 10 times for a thousand pounds or a girl selling herself once for the same amount?

The going rate for a prostitute in London today is about the same as it would be to purchase a pornographic video.

Prostitution hides away under a number of headings like Escort, Bar Girl, Hostess, Rent A Date and more. Today we also have the Compensated Date becoming almost a craze in parts of Asia.

It would be so easy to condemn until one scratches the surface and finds there is a huge number of seemingly 'respectable' people selling themselves too. Give it another name and they think it is not prostitution. There are a huge number of dating sites which make no secret of the fact that sex is on offer and even expected. As a sideline these will often offer peep shows and sex SMS.

It Is Not Just A Man Thing

Women buy sex too. It is not just a 'man thing'. The Chippendales and their numerous imitators have been on the scene for so long now that they totally accepted.. So too are the Ann Summers Parties which deal exclusively in sex related goods. You would never get a man at an Ann Summers Party unless he was the paid stripper.

A sex shop in New Zealand in August 2009 sold an 18K Gold Vibrator. Gives an entirely new meaning to one upmanship in the sex toy industry.

In Asia the Karaoke Bars are very popular with single women. Here women can make the choice, do the chatting up and live out their fantasies for a few hours. They do too. The Gigolos who work in these places are chosen for their youth, good looks, stamina and ability to accept.

It is not always men though. Women like girls too and many Bar Girls and masseuse will swing both ways. To them it is 'work', it is money. They are none too bothered about the body.

Sex on the Internet

It is said that the main use of the internet is to allow people to look at pornography. I somehow doubt the claim but without doubt the viewing figures are very very high. It has almost become an acceptable thing to do.

I have seen people openly viewing the basest of pornography quite openly in internet cafes. no-one seems to even look twice. Personally I don't quite understand why people should want to look at pornographic images in places where the real thing is readily available but they do. Perhaps there is something else that people need. This would partially explain the huge popularity of Virtual Sex which has an immense market to itself. 

Photo By:
Photo By:

Then there is literature

And I don't mean the obvious mens magazines but the more sophisticated womens magazines and those for teenage girls. "How to give your man a mind blowing orgasm". "Oral Sex Tips for Girls". These are headings on the front cover!

Whether it is obvious or not it is sex selling Barbara Cartland novels or the rose covered paperbacks of Mills and Boon. Today most mainstream bookshops will have whole shelves of books devoted to erotic literature for women (sometimes termed literotica), written by women. It does not matter if you are straight, bent, Tom of Dee there is something for all tastes and flavours.

None of this is new. There are people who collected ancient erotic tomes and the bidding is high when they come up for auction. There is only a very thin and hazy line on what some would consider erotic and others would see as porn.Parts of the bible could be read in this way.

Not all is as high brow as the written word. There are comics too, more particularily that of the Hentai, deviant but very clever Manga art form.

Art itself is often condemned, hidden away and censored some of which are only now being placed on public exhibition.  So many fig leafed male statues we see today are only fig leafed because their manhood was chopped off with a chisel.


Photo By:
Photo By:

Pornography is Popular

Pornography has always been popular. Whether it was some stick people scratched upon the wall of a cave with charcoal or an elaborate painting on an Etruscan vase. People like it. It's acceptability waxes and wanes throughout history. Many will have forgotten the 'What The Butler Saw' that ate our pennies when visiting the seaside in days gone by. Today the market for 'Porn' is immense. It is almost unavoidable in internet land.

It can be ordered online, or bought in the street. I some countries it is top shelf or closed doors whereas in others it is there with the chewing gum. Just about every hotel of note has a porn channel or two for guests...sometimes locked and sometimes open.

Watching porn can be done alone or in company and some people can benefit from watching it. Indeed it may even be suggested by relationship councillors.

What The Butler Saw

Sex is here to stay

Science is at a stage now where sex for humans is probably no longer necessary, indeed there may no longer be a need for men at all. But I believe that no matter how far we advance in this branch of science there will always be a place for real sex because sex is fun and sex sells! 


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