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How To Be A Wedding Planner? Select the Right Course for Success!

Updated on December 16, 2015

Should You Be a Wedding Planner?

I'm always asked about wedding planning as a profession and what to look for in wedding-planning education. So I've put together an assessment which may help you make a choice. 

On a personal level, it's great to be well-organized, a "people person", and have a good business head. After all, wedding planning is a business. 

Finding the Perfect Wedding-Planning Course

There are a few major factors to be considered before selecting the perfect wedding-planning course for you. Ask these questions before proceeding:

1. Is the organization that offers the course an organization of wedding planners and wedding professionals? If not, don't consider it.

2. Is wedding planning their only focus, or do they offer other, diverse courses? Wedding planning should be their ONLY focus.

3. Who wrote the course? This is critical. The person who is teaching you should be an expert with lots of experience in the field.

4. Does the course offer "Business Development Services"? If not, look elsewhere. What's the point of learning how to plan a wedding, if you don't know how to develop and grow your business?

5. Does the course offer ongoing, professional support once you complete it? You will need help as you start and grow your business. Having a professional organization to call or email for support, answers, and information may be the difference between success and failure.

Do your homework!
Do your homework!

Do Your Homework Before You Decide...

Follow the above checklist to find the perfect wedding-planning course and organization or school for you.

Wedding planning is a wonderful, creative profession but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Be sure to find the right wedding-planning organization that will help you to realize your dream. It all depends on you!


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