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Should we Expect Less from Our relationships Over Age 50?

Updated on April 30, 2011

Can You be satisfied with less

Dr Phil says if we can find 70% of what we are looking for in a relationship at middle age or older it is all we can hope for.

I know me very well 70 % is not good enough. I would rather be alone than settle for less than what I want or need.

I want to give as much as I get and vice verse. I think if you have high self esteem you cannot accept less.
People tend to treat us as we treat ourselves and others. If the relationship doesn't make you feel good about yourself move on. We do tend to rationalize when it comes to someone we are enamored with.
We should not accept less than the very best we deserve it. If, you have ever truly known a loving relationship, you will not ever accept anything else.

Sometimes when we are infatuated with someone and they do not return our feelings it is human nature to feel rejected and try to win that person over when we should say this is not for me and look further. Possibly we misread why we feel dejected Most likely we aren't in love for you to get love you must give it, or it is something else entirely.
Of course, the best relationships seem just to happen. Also, I think you know right away if the relationship is going somewhere or if you are filling up time to keep from being alone. If this is the case, you could not be available when Mr.I can't live without him comes along.
I have often said living is hard the world is not always a nice, warm, cozy place to be, and the battles of the world are best fought with someone at your side.
The trick is to have the right somebody someone that you want to do little things for, and you share common ground and that when we are together with our significant other the huge things somehow seem less intimidating. We are friends with certain people because they fill a need, or they make us feel good when we are around them. I don't recommend staying in a relationship that has you forever in turmoil.
When you can't wait to see this person, talking to them is more important than chatting with anyone else, they are first and last on your mind always in the course of the day You might have something there.

I know for the right relationship I would try to move heaven and earth to be together if both are willing to give, and both love, and respect the others position, and feelings life can be wonderful. No one is happy all the time and ups and downs are inevitable. Disagreements should be handled as a difference of opinions and major arguments may be avoided.
I cannot imagine that relationships should be evaluated differently just because we are over 50.
I believe we bring the same passion have maybe even more scruples certainly if we have learned from life we should be better at having a even more rewarding relationship, instead of accepting less.


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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      I'm lovin me some ashantina ! what a moral booster you are!! and my sentiments exactly!!!



    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 6 years ago

      To advise that one lower our standards just because we mature is ridiculous!! I think our expectations, reciprocity and standards must be consistent with who we are and what we give... regardless of age!!

      Im lovin this hub jorja [up/awesome], more please :)